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Research from Analysis Paper:

Childhood Unhealthy weight and Fast Food

Inductive Thinking

Empirical Analysis

Applied Analysis

Quantitative Research

Qualitative Research

Exploratory Exploration

Focus Groups


The paper is a research based on the topic of “The influence of fast food on child obesity. ” The study aims to assess and recognize the root cause of child unhealthy weight. The study is based on a medical approach simply by developing a hypothesis and then demonstrating it through data gathered.

Inductive Reasoning:

The speculation of this studies have been designed after a range of general findings. These observations came from generally observing the school friends, coffee shops, bookstores and restaurants, and members of the family. It was discovered that kids who were ingesting fast food regularly were excess fat. Another declaration was that when we talk to obese people they often mention that they blame fast food restaurants for his or her obesity. As we have produced specific a conclusion from standard observations, it is an inductive strategy.

Empirical Exploration:

This research is based on the ability that is gained through indirect and direct experience or remark. The scientific evidence gathered is examined both qualitatively and quantitatively. The research inquiries are all have the empirical evidence accumulated.

Applied Analysis:

The research comes under the category of applied study because it aims to find alternatives for a trouble which is very pertinent for the society. The void of child weight problems is a significant concern pertaining to the family members because youngsters are exposed to health problems at an extremely young age as a result of obesity. The research provides detailed analysis in child overweight with regards to fast food consumption.

Quantitative Research:

The research will be based upon the collection of quantitative data which gives the research a quantitative credibility to prove the hypothesis. The quantitative info allows the researcher to present precise details with the help of data gathered which is based on quantifiable parameters.

Qualitative Research:

Your research is also based on a qualitative approach through the observations and interpretation of the data. The qualitative aspect of the research gives a deeper approach to the topic as well as the variables talked about in the exploration.

Research Style:

Exploratory Research:

The research is based on a problem which is not clearly defined that makes it an exploratory research while the purpose of the report turns into clearer and identifies the issue of obesity in children comprehensively.


The study is based on a survey which can be based on a sample size of 100. The review is based on a questionnaire which was distributed on-line on selected portals of schools.

Focus Groups:

The focus groups had been conducted in an attempt to gain ideas on this matter from the father and mother of the kids. A total of 5 target groups had been conducted with each focus group creating a size of twelve people.


The centered variable from the research is the obesity of youngsters as it is dependant on the self-employed variable which is

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