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New Belgium Producing opened in 1991 originating in a basement in Fort Collins, Colorado. They have several types of sodas such as Sun Wheat, Blue Paddle, Abbey, Mothership Humor, 1554, Trippel, other seasons ales, and Fat Tire. Fat tyre is all their most popularly sold beverage and came from with a history behind it. Excess fat tire was named after Jeff Lebesch’s, founder of NBB, rode through Belgium on the fat wheel bicycle. Today, New Belgium Brewing is a company that is independently owned and manufacturer’s and distributes craft beers to 26 U.

S. states. They are the third major craft brewery and the 9th largest brewery in the region.

Situational Research

New Athens Brewing provides many strengths and possibilities for a independently owned across the country company. The corporation strongly believes in the traditions of the brand. This came the natural way in the company core beliefs and values. Creating the connection between buyers went over and above making profits, nevertheless creating a place that shows its like and ability.

New Belgium Preparing positions usana products as thoughtful, reflective, and whimsy, which in turn had a positive response from the targeted industry, the beer connoisseurs would you share their particular core values and values of the corporation, giving them a competitive edge. One of those primary beliefs will be environmentally friendly by reducing costs and energy. Another aspect New Athens Brewing will well deals with retaining staff and valuing their stakeholders. New Athens Brewing was named best places Work in 2008. The organization offers employees offers with free of charge lunches, communications, all paid out expenses to Belgium, a totally free fat-tired cycle after a year of work, stock options and other perks just like free dark beer, climbing wall structure, and inexpensive pilates classes. Valuing their stakeholder is also very important for New Athens Brewery.

They strive to enhance their relationships with corporate offering, event sponsorship, and giving to philanthropic causes. New Belgium Producing does have some weaknesses in the organization and external risks that could impact the organization’s photo negatively. The organization strives to get environmentally friendly, and they have started to approach the theory, but still have got yet to complete the goal of getting completely release free. IfNew Belgium Producing does not work towards this target, that could reduce their primary values and beliefs. Likewise, New Belgium may have got a positive Person to person for advertising, however they do not advertise the socially acceptable declaration, “drink responsibly to avoid abusive drinking. This declaration covers estate assets and their popularity. The risk listed goes along with both detailed weaknesses. In the event New Belgium Brewing does not remain broadly authentic, this might destroy their image and sustainability. This may give competition an opportunity to take those competitive edge if New Belgium Preparing does not live up for all their quality, responsibility, and concern for contemporary society.

SWOT Evaluation



Strong customer relationships

Strong interpersonal responsibility

Ethical worries

Environmental advances

Strong and lasting marketing strategies

Maintain great relationships with employees

Highly value stakeholders

High quality of goods

Advertisements on drinking conscientiously

Production process is usually not by zero emissions

Price from the final product

Carbon dioxide footprint in production techniques



Distribution expansion in the states or internationally

Company expansion

Keeping up with social trends on time

Well established positioning inside their niche market

Remain widely authentic

Global competition

Build Beer competition

Assumptions and Missing Info:

In Ashley Jacksons transcribe she states: New Belguim Brewing is now 100% staff owned having a 93% retention rate, currently 3rd in craft brewers and seventh in machines nation-wide as of 2013, and NBB at this point serves 35 states. Richard Gorski declares, “New Athens Brewing is building a second facility in Asheville, N. C. in 2015 Fresh Belgium is led by simply Kim Test, a woman the rarity inside the brewery business (Denver Post) New Belgium’s sales and revenue amounts are not available because it’s a private company

Statement from the Problem

Annual sales enhance each year, but for maintain its ethnic authenticity issues while the company rapidly is escalating. New Belgium Brewing decreased its Carbon emissions simply by 1, 800 metric lots per year after they switched to wind turbines, decreased water ingestion by 20% than most breweries, taking 88% of its spend, and 100% of it is electricity comes from renewable assets, but still has not reached the goal penalized 100% lasting. This could trigger consumers to view them since “greenwashing and damage their reputation. Fresh Belgium Making must still reexamine its ethical, social, and environmental responsibilities. The business received an award for the Environmental Success Award and must try to continue its social responsibility. New Athens Brewery flower is currently capable of producing seven hundred bottles per minute and 50 to 70 canned dark beer per minute. If perhaps expansion was implemented, NBB would increase sales and capacity results to reach more consumers.

Progress Alternatives

Maximize efforts to reduce water ingestion

Maximize recycling work

Achieve credibility for sustainable attempts and help to make their data available for the general public Increase advertisements costs in promoting its interpersonal responsibility Expand production procedures

Spread to more states or possibly internationally

Evaluation of Alternatives and Recommendations

New Athens Brewing has set a target to reduce normal water consumption. If perhaps they can meet up with its aim set for 2015, they have to strive to reduce its waterconsumption during creation to match you gallon of water to create 1 gallon of dark beer. New Athens Brewing can reduce its recycling efforts by purchasing items that are organic and natural, reusable, or recyclable. Also, giving people the incentive to enhance recycling in the organization may help to reach the objective of reducing squander to very minimal. Any business that is driven by environmental efforts needs to have proof to show their progress toward durability such as labels, certifications, and so forth which New Belgium Brewing does not. Unfortunately, NBB does not allow their very own financial statements to the general public. NBB ought to be open to talk about their details to its stakeholders to comfort any kind of assumptions they will could potentially include.

New Belgium Brewing focuses so much upon social responsibility, but consumes little on advertisement, only depending on person to person as their strategy. As their company continues to grow, they need to keep their meaning to their customers to “Drink responsibly. NBB could either label their products to advise the consumer or in other mass media which showcase its craft beers. Expanding their creation line by simply creating a new manufacturing plant that is a 100% eco friendly would make them in with keeping a competitive advantage remaining the market innovator in the producing industry because eco-friendly, keeping their key values and beliefs. Likewise, it would maximize employment opportunities, reach a larger industry by elevating capacity and increase total annual sales. After the new flower is in place, New Athens Brewing may target a more substantial market simply by introducing many to more states in the usa or trying to enter the global market. This can increase company awareness and more profitable for the company in the long-run.


New Belgium Brewing’s Setup Timeline

Set goals for energy efficient efforts

Purchasing of renewable/

reusable products

Develop/build new manufacturer

Recruit, work with, and coach new workers

Develop and launch fresh advertisements

Help to make records community i. electronic. certifications, product labels, progress press releases

Introduce item in selected regions (nationally or internationally)

Evaluation and Control

Marketing objective and Goal Dates:

In the first week, NBB can plan and develop innovative ways to become actually zero emission organization Within the first month, NBB will have bought its recylable products and elements for the modern and existing plant. Beginning the second week, NBB ought develop a new advertisement strategy and have it implemented by week 6th. NBB ought to see an increase in brand understanding by five per cent. New Athens should have their plant created and running within the initially year that is certainly 100% environmentally friendly After the plant is built, NBB will get, hire, and train its new employees. As soon as possible, NBB should produce their data available to the general public at all times. Also, following up on honored certifications and new labels that encourage their image of sustainability. Finally, after the initial year NBB should start to expand their target market nationally and internationally. NBB goals should be to increase revenue by 25% from last year’s revenue.

Contingency Programs:

In the event New Athens Brewing will not increase its brand understanding from its interpersonal responsible advertisement, NBB can research for what reason they were lost. If New Belgium Brewing does not reach its aim of 100% sustainability, they are going to re-evaluate all their renewable solutions and find ways to better all their organization Following introduction into new markets does not enhance sales by 25% in the first season, the organization will certainly conduct research to fit in to the societal trends of that lifestyle to better focus on their buyers.


1 . Ashley Jackson (2013). New Belgium Brewing. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed Mar 4, 2014]. 2 . Joshua Gorski (2013). How Fresh Belgium Making is placement itselfto stay independent. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed March 4, 2014].

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