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The fatality of a child is significant and in this situatio avoidable and a plaintiff has the right to seek compensatory damages as allowed legally.

Case Study you Part B

At the end of the night shift, Nurse Brown took a verbal handover and then observed the statement chart was not filled in. To assist her good friend, Nurse Harvey, whom your woman knew had a busy night, filled in the observation graph and or chart and smooth balance chart for the hours from 0200-0600 hours periods.

Overcome by the events with the last 24 hrs, Health professional Harvey and Nurse Darkish go to the local tavern for some drinks ahead of Nurse Harvey goes on responsibility. They reviewed Mr. Gradzino and his boy. John, a buddy of Mister. Spencer, overheard the conversation and joined up with them. He was also raise red flags to by the situations of the day and was many keen to go over the car accident and following care.

Assume that Mr. Spencer’s son would not die. In contemplation of possible legal action, Mr. Spencer wishes to see his notes and others of his son.

A g) Precisely what are the likely implications of Nurse Brown’s actions?

Drinking alcohol prior to a switch, discussing a patient outside of work as well while falsifying documents for another doctor is punishable by suspension system of tasks as well as potential further legal action.

A h) Why is the practice of speaking about patients beyond the work environment not acceptable?

Affected person confidentiality is essential to retaining the individual’s dignity.

A i) Do you really consider the fact that Ruben was a friend makes any kind of difference?

No, the friends and family may not have wished for this information to be shared and so they have the directly to make this decision themselves, not need it made the decision by another.

A j) What, in the event any, legal implications may there always be from the conversation with John?

Breach of confidentiality is known as a major moral violation, again it could be punishable by suspension of licensure and/or additional legal actions.

A k) What are Mr. Spencer’s options to gain access to a healthcare facility records?

Mr. Spencer might request clones of his medical data, and those of his conditional son or perhaps he may keep pace with do so by using a solicitor or a public representative.


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ANCI Competency Standards for the Enrolled Health professional at

Scope of Nursing Practice Decision Making

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