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Nursing Theory

The two breastfeeding theories espoused by Blue jean Watson and Marilyn Ray have different points of focus, but both concentrate on the primary reason for nursing like a caring job. As such, rns, carers, and leaders most need to combine their attempts for the purpose of furthering the primary concern to create a qualified and comfortable environment for clients, particualry inside the acute proper care setting. Having considered Watson and Ray, it is concluded that Ray’s theory is the optimal choice for further study, since she offers an integrated and practical medical setting to aid leaders create the environment in which employees can function to fulfill their caring objective to the best of their ability.

The basic philosophy of Watson’s theory is that nursing is that it should function within a Qualified Science positioning (Watson, 08, p. 16). According to Watson, the truth that this will not be the focus in the nursing career over time is a cause of many of the ailments from where not only the profession, yet humanity generally, suffers. Watson therefore thinks that the current nature of nursing should change to keep more carefully to her notion of the Caring Science. Consequently, there are a number of basic assumptions that promote nursing as being a Caring Technology. The to begin these is that it is the importance of nursing and the core of the job, encompassing the foundation and self-discipline of medical.

Watson’s ideas have been validated in various succeeding dissertations and research, among which is written by Keesler (2007) and focuses on the need to provide hospice recommendations to terminal people. According to Keesler (2007, p. 21), Watson’s Theory of Man Caring is targeted on the quest to provide dignity and maintain a respect forever during severe care. Hence, in this placing, providing timely hospice testimonials is element of this patient process. Just like Watson, Keesler appears to assume that there are somewhat severe flaws within the nursing profession, in addition to the acute care establishing specifically. Hence the suggestion to apply Watson’s theory towards the assumption in the patient’s right to die with dignity, and never to pass away while looking forward to an endless bureaucratic process to complete the referral.

This can be a main concentrate of the difference between Watson’s and Ray’s theories; the assumption that important change is important within the breastfeeding profession. Marilyn Ray’s assumption is that the important change that needs to occur is definitely not so much inside the system on its own as it is inside the relationship with the system together with the people functioning within this. According to Ray, the bureaucratic nursing system is necessary for the optimal working of medical center systems and patient treatment (Ray, Davidson, and Turkel, 2011).

While Watson’s theory is consequently somewhat idealistic and will take a great amount of time and effort to fully put into action, Ray’s theory is a little more realistic. It focuses on making use of the bureaucratic devices that are existing at hostipal wards to create the perfect environment of caring for consumers. Hence the aim is to optimize the human-environment relationship when it comes to optimizing the partnership between treatment givers and clients, along with those who control these procedures.

Ray’s theories have also been

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