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Oceana Group Limited a well-known company, listed in Johannesburg and Namibia stock exchanger. The company with the food and beverage sector with primary business being fishing and also allied services sector. The company is involved in the capturing, processing plus the procurement of varied marine kinds such as pilchard, redeye, sardine anchovy, lobster, herring, track, horse mackerel as well as hake. Other deep-see species likewise form all their specialty. Their products are prepared and then sold via local and international promoting channels. In addition , the company delivers fruit controlling as well as cold storage facilities at an extensive level (Oceana, 2011). The corporation operates by means of various categories, subsidiary stakeholders as well as companies.

The To the south African-based company engages in the catching, preparing for sale and procuring several fish items in South Africa. It also discounts in canned fish products. The company’s industry capitalization was valued for ZAR 3113 million or perhaps $421 million in 2010 (GRI, 2010). Oceana Company begun in the early on 1918 which is currently one of many largest businesses in the food industry in the African place. Oceana’s development and accomplishment in the remarkably competitive marketplace is attributed to the diversified organization as well as the resilient approach (GRI, 2010). The companys operates in 3 major sections which include Coastline Fishing, Midwater and Deep-sea Fishing and Commercial Chilly storage. Three segments have made the company easy its earnings in circumstances that one section experiences low turnover. To get Oceana to acquire experienced this kind of growth, different measures were put in place so as to ensure that the economic, social, environmental and governance factors are effectively managed. The business has constantly monitored the performance in all these areas with comparability made against other organizations in the industry, the standard industry efficiency and with the country’s overall rating. This has been completed ensure that fashionable in overall performance and deviations are outlined for further measures to get undertaken.


Sustainability can be roughly defined as the ability to satisfy the present requires without any anyway compromising the power of the future ages to effectively meet their needs (NCESI, 2002). Due to the will need of ensuring compliance and devotedness to global standards, homework has been conducted in environmental, social and governance groups. The company’s overall rating was done based upon the weights in the three elements. Each of the 3 dimensions have been independently evaluated and performance symptoms assessed. In the environmental dimensions, Oceana has managed to stick to the environmental laws and followed the intercontinental environmental need including the Kyoto protocol. In accordance to Glamaris Research Commence, Oceana scored 6. 13 out of 10 in the environmental durability part (GRI, 2010) This kind of good functionality is caused by the company’s purchase in environmental conservation work and the group’s objective of adhering to a global standards. The company has understood a reduction in the emission of the green house gases, improved the usage of fresh water and attained effectiveness in the strength use. The business has further aim of reducing its waste materials management within a bid to get ISO 14000. If this is gained, more options are likely to arise and additional turnover realized.

Sustainable fisheries

Oceana (2010) remarked that the availability with the marine kinds on a environmentally friendly basis that are harvested by the company is essential for the continuity of its key business, desirable performance as well as delivery to its stakeholders. The company’s management has as a result dedicated initiatives in maintaining exploration and human body of knowledge pertaining to monitoring the alterations in the accessibility to the relevant kinds as well as biomass.

Environmental dimension

It is also inside the environmental dimension that the company has made certain compliance to responsible and sustainable angling. In regard to environmentally friendly dimension, the business has a superb GRI report. The score is indicated regarding resource use, the company includes a GRI report of six. 13 out from the best possible rating of twelve (GRI, 2010). This is subdivided into resource utilization (6. 67), exhausts (5. 48) and your life cycle improvement (7. 14). The excellent scores are a s consequence in the rather positive efforts which the company features adopted for the conservation. The organization has often fished and maintained its operation inside the quota that this us designated to this. This has guaranteed that not more than required capture was made. Oceana further proved helpful together with the nongovernmental organization to ensure the kinds are taken care of. This was directed at avoiding the extinction of some types.

In addition , the business has developed an insurance policy of ensuring that water is utilized efficiently from the manufacturing and home-based use. Oceana has made another mile of investing in fisheries management study that is directed at promoting lasting fishing and ensuring the sustainability of maintaining the different fish species. The 6. 13 credit score was as well pegged for the adherence for the fishing allows based on the quota system (GRI, 2010). As a result, Oceana has were able to avoid the costs that are likely to be brought resistant to the company by government. This has therefore led to the better financial performance by the company.

Moreover, Oceana formed the first connections in S. africa that was aimed at promoting and bettering the marine ecosystem. This alliance was formed with other 3 fishing firms and the All over the world Fund for Nature (WWF) South Africa. They will launched the responsible fisheries alliance that promoted all their mandate.

The ultimate component of the environmental dimension is definitely the emissions through the company. In the Oceana environmental policy, the factories and the company’s subsidiaries and twigs were to conform to laws directed at minimizing the use of precious fuel. You can actually policy as well discouraged the emission of dangerous smells and materials to the environment.

The second aspect in the homework is the sociable pillar. The need for any company being socially responsible can be depending on the disagreement that the company is portion of the larger contemporary society. With this in mind, Oceana has applied various actions to ensure that the interest of the Iinstitute, the company had a score of 4. 80 out of 10 with this pillar (GRI, 2010). In spite of the dismal efficiency, Oceana is still committed to enhancing its romance with the significant stakeholders.

The social aspect recorded the cheapest among the additional dimensions in the research. This dimension consists of human capital development. Health insurance and safety, employment quality, human being rights, item responsibility and community conversation. In the individual capital expansion, the company improved the number of personnel by 25% with a huge increase in seasons employees (GRI, 2010). The corporation developed policies that are targeted at encouraging career growth through employee evaluation. Employees were motivated to work towards that attainment in the company’s objectives as they had been sure of promotional reward. The company has also elevated its employment in staff trainee to ensure that they transfuse in their employees with the required skills necessary in the improvement of their functionality. This likewise led to the retention of employees.

Another sub-dimension is the heath and safety website where the business has guaranteed the provision of health services to all or any the employees. The employees are further trained to prevent instance that can lead to employees becoming sick. As a matter of fact, workers are trained on techniques for reducing the prevalence of diseases like tuberculosis and awareness creation among the personnel. The next sub-dimension is the human being rights. Sea as a company has guidelines that are intended to ensure equality and diversity in the employment. The corporation has too abided to labor regulations in all countries of procedures by opposition forced and child labor, violation of human legal rights and barring its personnel from signing up for trade unions. The performs for Oceana for instance engaged in strikes which were aimed at discussing their emoluments and payment. This strikes made the corporation to bear heavy deficits. The company offers further made certain that sexuality balance is known as in job. In South Africa for instance, women constitute forty percent of the amount of personnel and 92% of staff in south Africa were blacks (GRI, 2010). This justifies the fact that gender elegance and racial segregation are discouraged.

In employment quality, the company features ensured the fact that remunerations derive from the employee scale and talents. In this regard, employees’ remunerations are reviewed on a yearly basis and account is given to other professional rates. Workers are also paid bonuses when targets are met or perhaps surpassed.

The company has also committed to research and development to make sure that customers require is satisfied. The research and development department offers ensured that their products happen to be rebranded and innovative kinds introduced to avoid loosing buyers. Similarly, Oceana has continually compensated consumers of their products in cases where absolutely free themes have sustained injuries and the rights infringed. Finally, the business has used a substantial amount of profit corporate cultural responsibility to help the community. Oceana participated about HIV awareness creation and assisted the ones that were affected by the explained menace. The business has even more increased their very own investment in the subsequent years and contributed canned seafood to those devoid of shelter and supported small and

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