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almost eight million, simply a small fraction with the overall candy market which can be about $6 billion in the usa alone (Organic chocolate thriving in U. S. ). Everday tries significant industry in the much larger overall chocolate market exactly where it will compete head on with America’s leading selling candy bars, Peanut, Hershey’s Candy, Reese’s Peanut Butter Mugs and MM’s (Beirne, 2006) instead of niche organic players such as Dagoba, Green Dark-colored, Lake Champlain, Chocolove and Newman’s Very own.

Rather than building a sophisticated brand just like other organic and natural candy businesses, this organic and natural chocolate manufacturer product line will try to serve as the same product to popular nonorganic candy pubs. Therefore , Everyday candy bar types will simulate the same flavours as America’s leading advertising candy pubs. However , we will position the product line being a healthier option to popular sweets bars, counting heavily on the trend of shoppers viewing chocolates as healthful. Everyday will offer the same favourite flavors, but actually will provide even more affordability and channel ubiquity than current organic substitutes who emphasis too seriously on naturals supermarkets to generate sales; 67% of the amount for organic candy pubs is generated in naturals supermarkets as well as the remaining 37% comes from standard supermarkets (Tirone, 2007) As a result, Everyday could have a better division channel than organics by simply targeting typical supermarkets wherever most buyers shop.


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