Ought to criminals be punished with lengthy jail

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Respect to the question we need to try to figure out several significant points; one of them would be, the type of crime has been determined? robbery, scam, murder, rape, terrorism, and so forth What conditions are there around this crime? mental diseases, poverty, abuse of power, etc . After that, stage would be planning to correct the factors that have led to make this criminal offenses, in other words, to manage the circumstances which may end in a crime and currently taking action to stop it.

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For instance, everybody knows that is much easier that in a poverty culture happens robberies, muggings, criminal behaviour and in a society in which the abuse of power isn? t handled, it? s i9000 really easy to look for fraud, bribery, embezzlement, blackmail. Then, it is important teach, on the one hand, trying to protect the rights to stop the injustices, and on the other hand re-educating those who have committed a crime aiming to be aware of his/her responsibility.

The punishment should be constructive, receiving that person could be reintroduced to society.

But My spouse and i don? to believe in prison life, life imprisonment is actually a failure of system, the prison, on the whole, is a inability of system. Nevertheless, I understand that it? s i9000 really difficult to know how to re-educate people. To get started on we need a whole lot of individuals working in it, in spite of the fact that the program doesn? to want to pay money in this type of project, in education, generally.

In my opinion, would be a mixture between a program of education with different subjects give attention to general tradition and personal behaviors and a different one focus on community service, employed in natural assignments to improve the surroundings of a city, cleaning normal spaces, streams, mountains, or perhaps re-building open public areas, just like gardens, public buildings, etc . In conclusion, for those who are out your prison, the training and the security of our rights are two keys to avoid that our prison are full and for individuals are in a prison, re-educating inside the knowledge which are their legal rights, their requirements or responsibility to live in a society.


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