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This section views the relationship of the current project study in connection to the previous related researchers and literatures. Learning the associated research both foreign and local, as well as the concept of various other components linked to the current task study will certainly clearly demonstrate where the advocates got their very own concepts and ideas. That clearly establishes the scientific and assumptive relevance of each and every to the present project study.

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Related Literature

Finger-Print Presence Checker is somewhat more accurate systems as useful to people searching for a way to monitor group activity as biometric and attendance technology.

It have been in search of a approach to track the way in which groups and individuals dedicate their time in various capabilities for ages, and the ability to monitor attendance features implications for the school sector.

Finger-Print Attendance Checker is usually school attendance system intended for instructors. System records attendance data of students based upon registered finger prints. It is fun GUI to get adding performance and for automating organization methods.

Knowledge-Based the easiest application through this sense is for an teachers to use an iris scan or thumb print to leave an course instructors system understand when they enters and leaves the faculty or school. It will have an automatic record of the hours worked, so when exactly the teachers were in attendance. In addition there are applications for instructors in order to an activity when ever in the office. The instructors may be putting in time at work, although through use of physical identifiers. Image-Based Finger-Print Attendance Band is an end-user biometric system created to automate attendance control. The system may be used in a wide range, from instructor’s time tracking to check-in at college.

The NCheck software uses biometric fingerprint to track enough time of each end user

existence, automatically figures summary coming back each consumer and produces printable information. The software is made for installation on a desktop computer or perhaps laptop (PC) that is running under Microsoft Windows. Also the software can also be used in for a systems which can be based on PERSONAL COMPUTER hardware with mounted fingerprint scanner and/or camera.

Related Studies

Local Research

Personality Verification and Entry Control System with Counter

Data Middle College of the Philippines, Laoag City

Almazan, ain. al


Identity Verification and Entry Control System with Counter is actually a computer-based program with the help of digital and reasonable circuit concepts that enables it to have interconnections to different subsystems. An application application will probably be installed on the pc that serves as the imply of communication of the program to the consumer and to system or perhaps devices coupled to the main system. This enables you manage records in the database, generate bar code and make a summary of individuals that are inside the school property.

Also with these kinds of applications, using the computer’s buildings, it enables the system to communicate to other products in getting suggestions data and acquiring signal outputs. Every single student and employee with the school will probably be issued a great identification cards with barcode that will be swiped and browse by a barcode scanner and a PIN code that could deeply discover their credibility in order for them to move through the turnstile. Upon entering and going out of the school areas the desks will increment. The device was composed of two counters specifically, entry counters and get out of counter, this kind of counter can increment when the turnstile sensors are being triggered. A student or employee will scan his or her bar-coded ID throughout the scanner to unlock the turnstile first before he or she can your building which will allow activating the sensor and then the counter is definitely increased.

Fingerprint-Based Attendance Management System

Istituto superiore De Manila University

August 2005

In recent time, there has been higher level of impersonation experienced on a regular basis in equally private and public areas, the ghost worker symptoms which has turn into a menace across all divisions of government, companies concerns in the levels of employee absence in their workforce as well as the difficulty in taking care of student attendance during spiel periods. Finger prints are a sort of biometric id which is one of a kind and does not difference in one’s complete lifetime. This kind of paper presents the presence management system applying fingerprint technology in a university environment. This consists of two processes particularly; enrolment and authentication.

During enrolment, the fingerprint in the user is captured as well as unique features extracted and stored in a database combined with the users id as a theme for the niche. The unique features called minutiae points had been extracted using the Crossing Quantity (CN) method which components the ridge endings and bifurcations in the skeleton photo by evaluating the local areas of each shape pixel utilizing a 3 back button 3 windowpane. During authentication, the finger-print of the customer is captured again as well as the extracted features compared with website in the repository to determine a match just before attendance is done. The fingerprint-based attendance management system was integrated with Microsoft’s C# around the. NET platform and Microsoft’s Structured Issue Language (SQL) Server 2006 as the backend. The experimental consequence shows that the developed method is highly successful in the verification of users fingerprint with an accuracy level of ninety-seven. 4%. The standard execution coming back the designed system was 4. 29 seconds while against 18. 48 just a few seconds for the present system. Furthermore, the result displays a well anchored and trustworthy system in a position of protecting against impersonation.

International Studies

Student Attendance System Based upon Fingerprint Recognition and One-to-Many Matching

Department of Computer Technology and Architectural

Nationwide Institute of Technology Rourkela

Rourkela-769 008, Orissa, India

November 2009

Our project aims at designing an scholar attendance system which could properly manage presence of learners at study centers like NIT Rourkela. Presence is designated after student identification. Intended for student id, a finger-print recognition structured identification strategy is used. Fingerprints are considered as the best and fastest means for biometric id. They are secure to use, one of a kind for every person and do not change in one’s lifetime. Finger-print recognition is actually a mature discipline to-day, but still identifying person from a collection of enrolled finger prints is a period taking procedure. It was the responsibility to further improve the finger-print identification system for rendering on significant databases electronic. g. of the institute or possibly a country etc . In this project, many new methods have been used e. g. gender appraisal, key based one lots of matching, taking away boundary minutiae.

Using these kinds of new methods, we have developed an identification system which can be faster in implementation than any other currently available in the market. Though we are making use of this fingerprint identity system pertaining to student identification purpose in our project, the matching answers are so good which it could conduct very well on large sources like that of a country just like India (MNIC Project).

Development of Attendance Management System using Biometrics Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Lagos State School, Epe Grounds, Nigeria

Unknown Time

In this daily news, the development of a great attendance management system using biometrics is proposed. Managing student attendance during lecture times has become a difficult challenge. To be able to compute the attendance percentage becomes a major task as manual computation produces errors, and also waste materials a lot of time. For the stated reason, a powerful attendance management using biometrics is designed. This system takes attendance electronically by using a little finger print system and the information of the attendance are stored in a repository. Attendance is definitely marked after student recognition. For scholar identification, a biometric (fingerprint)

identification based product is used. This method however , reduces the need for standing materials and personnel for the keeping of data. Eighty prospects were utilized to test the device and effectiveness of 94% was recorded. The manual attendance system common execution moment for eighty pupils was seventeen. 83 secs while it was 3. 79 seconds for the computerized attendance management using biometrics.

The results showed improved performance above manual presence management system. Attendance is noticeable after student identification attendance in class. In developing countries, a minimum percentage of class attendance is required for most institutions which policy is not adhered to, because of the various problems the present technique of taking presence presents. This kind of traditional method involves the application of sheets of paper or perhaps books in taking scholar attendance. This approach could conveniently allow for impersonation and the presence sheet could possibly be stolen or perhaps lost. Acquiring of attendance is time consuming and it is hard to ascertain the number of students which may have made the minimum percentage and thus qualified to receive exam. As a result, there is a need for a system that could eliminate most of these trouble spots. An automatic attendance management using biometrics would provide the needed option. An presence management system is software developed for daily student presence in schools and establishments. It encourages access to the attendance of any particular college student in a particular class. This product will also assist in generating reviews and evaluating the attendance eligibility of the student.

Rather than signing an attendance sheet, individuals will pass their particular thumb over the fingerprint reader, the finger print can be compared against a list of pre-registered users, as soon as a match is made, the will be listed as having attended that lecture. The paper discusses related performs in the trouble domain; highlights the general introduction to the proposed system; details design factors of the system, both on the hardware and software level; discusses the operation and exactly how the system was tested in conformity to system style and practical objectives; proves the observations made; besides making recommendations for future improvement.

Fingerprint-based Student Attendance Register

Departmant of Computer Scientific research and Technology, Autlum University December


Monitoring student presence in the UK has become a prime matter for Educational institutions in recent months, due to a recognized lack of accuracy in information submitted to the UK Edges Agency and political pressure about wider immigration issues. This project proposes a biometrics-based solution to that concern which also conforms to legislative demands on info governance and information reliability, but which could provide accurate, reliable data for the institution to include in future reports to UKBA. All biometric techniques obviate the need to take a token or perhaps card, or remember several passwords, and minimize the risk of shed, forgotten or perhaps copied passwords, stolen tokens or over the shoulder episodes. This task shall focus on using fingerprint recognition, mainly due to the low-cost of gadgets for application and large user popularity.

Fingerprint acknowledgement has traditionally been used for data access amongst a mobile populace with progressively portable products, but it can be employed for monitoring purposes, which project defines on how it could be used in this kind of context to provide a fingerprint-based pupil attendance signup.

This project set out to defeat the drawbacks of the current attendance system, which can be misled by “buddy swiping of absent students RFID cards of signing the enroll sheet for absentee students within a school. An application was designed within MATLAB to identify routine in data, extract vectors from a fingerprint picture and map values for the new location, then to verify students who swipes his finger-print against these values. The necessity was to make this system function asynchronously to ensure that constant internet and databases connections are now required, to provide outstanding rates of reliability, and to assure this could work on machines with very low processing power so that it can be utilized in mobile unit in the future.

The delivered software uses the Principal Component Analysis method to evaluate fingerprints while using new form of harmonized data specifies by eigenvectors and eigenvalues in sizing. This high speed method uses the lowest computational power to deliver accurate effects through making a

closest match against placed values. This application provides potential to be used as a flip add-on with a Universities college student monitoring program or connect with its database and copy data.


Fingerprint Identity, Principal Component Analysis, MATLAB, eigenvector, and Euclidean range.


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