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Research from Capstone Project:

Patriot Take action and the Guideline of Rules

The Patriot Act

The Rule of Law on the Local Level

The Effect in Law Enforcement

The result on Homeland Security

Influencing Social Change

The Patriot Act was a serious change to government as well as the Rule of Law. Additionally , it required adjustments that had to be made to law enforcement agencies from the federal level completely down to the area patrol cop. Because that was the circumstance, the Patriot Act made life in the us different for all those U. T. citizens, site visitors, and those who have came to the nation for any purpose. Everything from passports to motorists licenses were more difficult to get following the Patriot Work was created, and people who wanted to get hold of legal residency or travel around documents did more to be able to receive these matters. That was good in a protective way, but it was detrimental to folks who were perfectly innocent but who had trouble providing the proper documentation to obtain what they required. The way individuals were treated and how much we were holding trusted also changed, plus some people experienced as though they were being persecuted because these people were of a particular race, faith, or nationality. Overall, however , the Patriot Act involved the security of the American people irrespective of any issues those people had to face in order to comply with the regulations established in that Act.

Capstone Job: The Patriot Act and the Rule of Law


For reasons of this daily news the Patriot Act will be discussed. Will probably be examined in light of their effect on the Rule of Law. This will be most specifically targeted toward police force at an area level, but will fall under the broader opportunity of homeland security. To be able to address each of the issues that are involved in this area, the paper will probably be divided into sections that will talk about each concern individually. That will enable for a more complicated and complete examination of the problem at hand, without causing confusion for the reader. It is not constantly easy to address these kinds of law enforcement issues, and so they often as well intersect with human privileges and tasks. That can generate things much more complex and difficult, and can cause lawmakers problems when they are attempting to make changes that they feel will protect persons and keep them safer than they would are usually in the past. In the event that these regulations are too oppressive, though, individuals will have a problem with them as well as fight back against them, producing an even bigger job for police.

As the region moves frontward and the positive effect becomes more robust and more crucial, both government homeland people who are employed in the security sector and local law enforcement realize that they are sometimes struggling a burning off battle against those who are trying to overtake the nation and cause harm to its people. There are internet attacks and people with bombs, and the American public seriously has no thought of the number of dangers they face on a daily basis. Many of these threats happen to be averted, and the vast majority of them do not even make the information. With that in mind, it is vital to understand how laws like the Patriot Take action affect the total Rule of Law, and just how this relates to how homeland security and local law enforcement officers do their jobs every day.

The Patriot Act

Overall, the Patriot Act is a relatively new advancement. President Bush signed that into law in 2001 after the terrorist attack wreaked so much chaos on the region and caused so much dread to the American people (Wong, 2006). Despite the fact that it is even now new or in other words of many legal guidelines, it is a bit of legislation that individuals in law enforcement and other gov departments must seriously consider. Some of the polices created by the Act apparently have tiny to do with actual law enforcement, but others are extremely clear and direct when it comes to what they are related to. For example , various states are now much more mindful who that they issue motorists licenses to, and that is portion of the Patriot Act. States look for more recognition than they will used to in terms of getting a drivers license or ID credit card, and they can require evidence of any term changes or other issues that people encounter throughout all their lives (USA, 2001; Wong, 2006). Even if a person was committed 50 years ago, wedding license should be produced in a lot of states in case the person’s current name will not match the name on his or her birth license (Wong, 2006).

That might seem excessive and extreme, but it is really not really too much to ask when it comes to keeping the country safe and secure. Other states demand a person to provide proof of her or his address through electric bills or perhaps other papers, in order to make sure the person with the area legally and not just hoping to get a driver’s license or ID card “on the sly” (Wong, 2006). While not almost all states are highly particular about these kinds of issues, it is possible that a state that much more lax on security issues under the Patriot Act could possibly be at a disadvantage when it comes to keeping its people safe. This may come from a lack of information that is properly accumulated from people, or simply through the idea that the guidelines and procedures are not strong enough to protect citizens and “weed out” the individuals who are trying to video game the system in some manner or receive documentation illegitimately.

The Guideline of Rules on the Local Level

The rule of law is known as a legal saying. It has to carry out with making use of legal concepts that are previously known in order to create and manage decisions made by the us government (Craig, 1997; Goldsworthy, 2001). However , the rule of law is usually something that is extremely elusive which cannot be “pinned down” quickly. Because it is more of a notion rather than an actual “law, ” there are different ways to define it. In the United States, the President and members of Congress, and all of the Great Court Justice, take a pledge to uphold the U. S. Constitution before anything else (Lieberman, 2005; Tamanaha, 2004). This kind of shows the rule of law (the Constitution) to become superior, and above any laws which a particular head would make or create. Even with that becoming the case, though, there is a large degree of discretion within the authorities (Lieberman, 2005). Scholars generally debate the Constitution and whether it is element of a particular secret of law or be it misusing or perhaps misinterpreting that rule by any means. The discussion within this is constant.

Everything that is definitely part of the secret of law filters down from the government level, right down to the local level (Goldsworthy, 2001). At the local level, leaders are still not able to make their own rules. They can try to do so, of course , but these problems are often “shot down” since they turmoil with government laws and regulations that are based upon the Constitution. If you’re interested in producing changes in their regional level, there are plenty of issues that need to be faced and always the possibility of having all of their hard work ruined or overturned even if they pass new laws, mainly because there is a great alleged Constitutional conflict that may have appeared.

The Effect on Law Enforcement

The Patriot Work and the secret of law had (and still have) an effect in law enforcement. This is correct at the federal level, and trickles down all the way to condition, county, and city officials who patrol the streets each day. The Patriot Take action has increased the suspicion level of a large number of people in america, and law enforcement officials officers aren’t an exception to that (Tamanaha, 2004). While officials always realize that they can be coping with unsavory persons and walking into danger, the events of September 11, 2001 demonstrated that there may be more danger than was initially anticipated. When ever police officers way people, they just do not know whom those people are or whether they are guilty of something or not generally. They may suspect that there is a trouble, but they tend not to always know the dimensions of the real issue and/or the reasons behind that issue. They have the duty to be sure the individuals of their community are safe and protected, and that can become harder to accomplish based on a number of the regulations they have to follow.

Although the Patriot Take action was designed to shield people from terrorism in the us, it also required changes to techniques throughout several law enforcement firms (Goldsworthy, 2001; Lieberman, 2005). Additionally , the rule of law is important because every individual that is in law enforcement must be aware of the right laws and procedures

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