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Paulo Freire declared that education may be construed as an exercise of domination if this manipulates the naivete and innocence with the students.

This type of pedagogy tends to use authority heavily so the students will learn to recognize such specialist without tough it. They become subservient towards the interests in the authorities that have the power in the educational program. Freire’s (49) idea is that education can be used, and has been used by oppressors to put in force their guideline over all their subjects. Freire develops his ideas searching at the great colonization, specially the relationship from the colonizers plus the colonies and how the educational program was established in the colonies. Comprehending the context of Brazil as a former nest is crucial in understanding the development of Freire’s ideas.

Freire described the banking method of education, dealing with students while empty bank accounts that will must be filled with the ideas fed to this by the educators. Freire thinks this approach while dehumanizing to both the teachers and the scholars. Instead of the financial approach, the author advocated to get a world-mediated and mutual method to learning.

Because of this individuals can be educated through their interactions with each other device world. With this process, people are considered incomplete and they may strive to completeness through education (Freire 80). For Freire, education is actually a tool intended for shaping more than just the person but the whole world as well. This procedure is called conscientization. Freire’s method of education echoes much of the concepts of important theorists whom believe, combined with Marx that theory and education must be used to transform society for the best.

Freire’s Method of Education and Teaching Freire’s approach to education is certainly not didactic. Rather than focusing simply on rote learning and taking the particular teachers claim at face value, this individual puts a primer about interaction and the experiences in the learners. For the teacher to get effective, individual to be incorporated into the worldview of the college students and not shut off from that. Freire effectively highlighted the importance of the position of the educator and how the teacher should certainly present help the student have got to learning process.

Freire’s way helps teachers vary all their teaching methods from being simply dispensers and givers of information to that particular of a facilitator and mediator in the learning process of the student. This type of pedagogy works best pertaining to teaching individuals that already have knowledge about the world and how who have a comprehension about their part in that. For young learners, however , such way may not be extremely effective because of their deficiency of experiences.

Furthermore, the worldview of youthful students remains being shaped. This means consequently that youthful learners would still ought to depend on the authorities in their lives for their early learning and education. Although to start with, it would seem that the banking strategy would be at work in this method. Yet, the academic approach should not be divorced through the overall cultural context and social facts of the world where the scholars belong to. This not indicate, however that education should certainly degenerate to rote learning, memorization and mimicking with the ideas in the educators (Ladson-Billings 163).

The Purpose of Education, World and Politics Power Freire recognized the power of education in creating difference in the contemporary society. For him, education is not only about learning but also a power that can be utilized for interpersonal change. Therefore it is not only a application of oppression; it can also work for the empowerment of voiceless members in the society. Education can be used efficiently for aiding people discover their condition from their own point of view to enable them to become more conscious of what their rights happen to be and how they can improve their lives, their privileges and how useful to them their own resources for their personal strength (Giroux 65).

Freire composed Pedagogy in the Oppressed with colonialism and political and cultural freedom in mind. However, his concepts have been taken by educators all over the world in order to educate people about the importance of interaction and the application of education inside their own situations. His suggestions have now been extended and applied in numerous learning contexts and environment.

As the education continues to be scrutinized around the globe, the quality of Freire’s ideas will be seen as applicable in a number of techniques. This time, such application are not in the realm of colonialism and political liberty, but rather it could be applied inside the overall technique of educating persons so they can be trained as educated and dependable members with their respective communities. Education is a crucial power that not merely developing countries would locate useful but developed countries as well in developing their particular citizenry.

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