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William Blake, Romanticism, White, Dance

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Since I was happy upon the heath

And smiled among the list of winter’s snow

They clothed me inside the clothes of death

And taught me to sing the remarks of woe.

And because I am content and boogie and sing

They think they may have done me personally no harm

And are visited praise Goodness and his clergyman and full, Who constitute a heaven of our agony. “

During these two poetry, Mark Blake was allegorically relating the importance of The almighty and faith in our lives. In The Tiny Black Young man, he offers an optimistic notion of The almighty. The poem having the persona of an Photography equipment child who questions his color and identity discovers from his mother that God would not base his love around the color of one’s skin. His mother likewise teaches him that the lives we have here on earth are temporary and but pure preparations from the rewards we will receive. Consequently , our presence here on earth will not subject in heaven. What will become relevant as we meet God face-to-face may be the endurance over sufferings that people experienced here at earth.

However, in The Fireplace Sweeper, Blake gives a depressed perception of God. The poem is usually coming from the persona of a black boy, but this time through one who is equally as confused but bitter and longing for answers. Unlike The Little Black Youngster, Blake shows a very hard of hearing, blind, and passive The almighty. Blake is actually questioning the motives from the Church because of not taking the role in protecting and taking care of The lord’s children. The poem actually relates the sarcasm of how the Cathedral teaches the fogeys to sing praises to God, yet somehow can handle the parents’ ignoring with their children’s dire circumstances.

Plainly, these two poetry have shown the relationship of religion and Romantic materials. If we in order to follow the definition of Romanticism depending on Encyclopedia Britannica (2006), in that case we would appreciate how the characteristics of Romanticism as depicting inches intuition, creativeness, and feeling” are built-in in Draw Blake’s poems. As proven in The Little Black Son and The Fireplace Sweeper, poetry can also effectively convey diverse controversial and moral concerns pertaining to religious beliefs, the role of the Chapel, the encounters of The almighty, and the effect of all those inside our everyday lives.


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