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Excerpt from Research Paper:

The more political quarrels against Ruddiman are more easily terminated, however.

Activity and Evaluation

It must be recognized – and it is, in fact , identified by Ruddiman – there is not finish scientific assurance that the current warming pattern the Earth is experiencing, if indeed it can be experiencing a single, is the response to human patterns, and especially the use of fossil fuels. The evidence that Ruddiman gives in Plows, Plagues, and Petroleum, however , clearly suggests that human beings have the potential to trigger worldwide environmental change, of course, if this potential has been with us in the past it must exist a thousand-fold now. Though there are scientific inquiries and feasible problems with Ruddiman’s argument, these questions and arguments are no more certain in their findings than Ruddiman is with his, leaving it up to each specific to decide what the truth is and ultimately finishing in a wide range of senselessly heated up disagreement instead of rational debate.

What the fact of the condition comes down to is: there is some evidence that human beings include caused, and they are currently causing, changes to global temperatures throughout the release of greenhouse gas. If human beings truly are causing around the world, action ought to be taken to retain this from reaching dangerous levels. If this action is usually taken and human beings were not the cause of the warming, simply no harm may have been created by moving to more green and clean energy methods. Whether or not William F. Ruddiman is correct in his assertions, then, we might too behave as if he is.


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