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One of the main problems in our country can be energy shortage. There are many methods and plans on how to preserve it such as the use of power packs. One of these is definitely an electrolytic cell. It contains an electrolyte through which an externally made electric current is definitely passed by a system of electrodes (electrically great electrode is called the valve and the bad electrode the cathode) in order to produce a great electrochemical response. Such a reaction involves the transfer of electrons among two electrodes immersed within an ion-conducting channel ” the electrolyte.

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A batter unit can often be referred to as a cell. Electrolytic cells have many practical uses, including the restoration of pure metal via alloys, the plating of 1 metal with another, as well as the manufacture of chlorine and sodium hydroxide. 1 Coconut (Cocos nucifera) water contains a variety of nutrients including vitamin supplements, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, growth factors, and other nutrients. Coconut normal water is a good source of the major mineral deposits like magnesium (mg), calcium, and potassium.

It can be particularly rich in potassium, an essential nutrient; one particular 8-ounce glass of coconut water has more potassium than a banana. Additionally, it contains a number of trace elements such as zinc, selenium, iodine, sulfur, manganese, boron, molybdenum, and others. These are generally derived from volcanic soils and seawater from which the coconut palms are grown. All these minerals happen to be in the form of electrolytes so they are really easily absorbable by the body. Many of the health rewards attributed to coconut water may be traced to its nutrient content. two With this info, the researchers decided to check if coconut (Cocos nucifera) water is definitely feasible because an electrolyte to execute electricity to contribute to get lessening the energy shortage we had found.

B. Statement of the Issue

This kind of study aims to know in the event that coconut (Cocos nucifera) drinking water can be a source of electricity. Specifically, the analysis seeks to answer the following concerns: a. Just how much voltage can be obtained in the coconut (Cocos nucifera) water; w. Is the coconut (Cocos nucifera) water features enough current to lighten up a LED light; and c. Is there any likeness between the coconut (Cocos nucifera) water and vinegar as electrolyte in conducting electric power in terms of: power voltage capability to light LED Light selling price being environment friendly

C. Objectives

The main target of this examine is to utilize coconut (Cocos nucifera) drinking water as an electrolyte for electrolytic cellular. To support the key objective, the sub-objectives will be as follows: a. to know the capability of coconut (Cocos nucifera) water because an electrolyte in generating electricity; w. to make an alternative solution for high-priced commercialized electrolytic cell; and c. to lessen the squander because coconut water usually are just disposed of by the distributors. D. Hypothesis

There is a factor between the coconut (Cocos nucifera) water utilized as an electrolyte plus the vinegar to get electrolytic cellular in terms of volts measured.

E. Scope and Delimitation in the Study

This study only targets how coconut (Cocos nucifera) water can be quite a source of electricity. The research will be conducted from Nov 2009 to August 2010 at First City Providential University Laboratory, City of San Jose Del Mucchio Bulacan. The equipments required were coconut water, white vinegar, beakers, electrodes and the multitester. The beakers will be obtained at the FCPC’s Laboratory. The coconut water will be accumulated from Tungkong Mangga Damp Market. Farrenheit. Significance of the Study

Electrical power is rather than an unlimited reference but should be generated through various means. Just as a decade ago, the Thailand suffered from energy deficit. The energy supplied by the power plants would not reach the level of demand for electrical energy means that electric power must be efficiently used to avoid another catastrophe in the future. The condition of energy shortage is not only a matter of building more power plant life since they tend not to only offer strength solutions but also trigger environmental concerns. To lessen the challenge about that the researchers wants to test in the event that coconut (Cocos nucifera) drinking water can be a electrical source. In this research the community and the environment will probably be benefit by this because it is organic and natural and inexpensive. G. Report on Related Books

G. one particular History of Coconut

The English brand coconut, 1st mentioned in English produce in 1555, comes from the Spanish and Portuguese phrase coco, which means “monkey deal with.  Spanish and Costa da prata explorers identified a similarity to a monkey’s face in the three rounded indented markings or “eyes found at the camp of the coconut. On the Nicobar Islands in the Indian Sea, whole coconuts were employed as currency for the purchase of products until the early on part of the twentieth century. Coconuts are the fresh fruit of the coconut palm, botanically known as Cocos nucifera, with nucifera which means “nut-bearing.  The fruit-bearing palms happen to be native to Malaysia, Polynesia and southern Asia, and are also now also prolific in South America, India, the Pacific Islands, Hawaii and Sarasota. The light, fibrous husk allowed it to simply drift within the oceans to other areas to propagate.

The coconut fruits has many meals uses for it is water, milk, meat, sweets, and petrol. It also capabilities as its individual dish and cup. The husk was burned intended for fuel by simply natives, but today a seedling fiber named coir is definitely taken from the husk and used to produce brushes, exercise mats, fishnets, and rope. An extremely potent fermented toddy or perhaps drink is usually made from the coconut palm’s sap. Coconut oil, a saturated body fat made from dried coconut meat, is used to get commercial baking and in goodies and margarines, as well as in nonedible products including soaps and cosmetics. Even though it takes up into a year intended for coconuts to mature, the trees blossom up to tough luck times a year. Fruit is constantly forming, therefore yielding a consistent harvest 365 days a year. An average collect from one tree runs regarding 60 coconuts, with some forest yielding 3 times that amount. The coconut’s brand is a bit of your misnomer, mainly because it is botanically classified as a drupe and not a nut. It is the largest seed noted. 3

G. 2 Coconut Water

Physical Properties

The coconut seeds contains a white, fleshy part which can be edible and used fresh or dried out in cooking. Coconut meat, a soft, pudding like meats provides an exceptional source of lauric and caprylic fatty acids which can be known for becoming antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, increasing the immune system and killing away intestinal earthworms. This meats is high in natural protein, enzyme-rich, easy to break down and contains all the essential proteins. What makes the coconut water more effective can be when we turn the water and meat from young green coconuts and ferment it with kefir grains to turn its natural sugar into a probiotic. They have shown to hydrate the body very quickly so yearnings for starches and all kinds of sugar are substituted for cravings of healthy food like fruit and vegetables. The fresh green coconut has sufficient natural nutrients and a top quality raw healthy proteins which are useful for expansion and restore of the human body. Coconut water is the the liquid endosperm inside young coconuts.

As the coconut grows, this the liquid largely becomes absorbed in to the flesh seen in mature coconuts. Coconut water has long been a well known drink in the tropics, especially in Tropical Asia and Trinidad and Tobago, where it can be available new or bottled. It is obviously fat-free and low in food energy (16. 7 unhealthy calories or 75 kJ every 100 g). Due to its sterility, pH, mineral, and glucose content, coconut water was successfully utilized as liquid in intravenous therapy in emergency scenarios. Coconuts for drinking will be packaged and sold in a large number of places. They are typically Thailänder coconuts in whose outer green husk has been removed, as well as the remainder covered in plastic-type material. Coconut normal water can also be found in regular containers or tetra paks (and often with coconut pulp or coconut jelly added) and is likewise marketed as a sports drink because of its excessive potassium and mineral articles, which will help the body cure rigorous physical exercise. Chemical Homes

The cavity of the coconut is filled with “coconut water containing sugars, dietary fiber, proteins, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Young coconuts have an overabundance ‘water’ and soft, gel-like meat, and mature coconuts have firm meat and fewer ‘water. ‘ The coconut water provides an excellent isotonic electrolyte stability, and an excellent nutritional meals source, which is why it is employed as a refreshing drink through the entire humid tropical forests. Also it is made up of essential minerals from land and ocean to properly hydrate and nourish your body. In fact , during the Pacific and Vietnam young green coconut water was siphoned directly from the nut to give urgent plasma transfusions to injured soldiers. some Coconut drinking water is more nutritious than whole milk; it has simply no casein and a good stability of magnesium and calcium. It is abundant with Vitamin C, acts as a all-natural diuretic and helps cleanse the liver and kidneys.

That reduces problems for babies helps with GERDS, failure to thrive and other intestinal disorders such as indigestion, colitis, digestive, gastrointestinal ulcers, and diarrhea. This serves as an antioxidant, scavenging many types of dangerous free radicals and protecting hemoglobin coming from nitrite-induced oxidation process. Chelating real estate the coconut water includes “gold: and “silver and sulphurated healthy proteins which is essential to detox mercury and other heavy metals out of the cells and membranes, plus it makes a specific “tension around the surface which will solves the heavy into a solution. Also it has specific fatty acids and sulfur holded amino acids to install to the mercury. He stated it is really drinking water which consists of a natural “trick. The following are the major active agents of coconut water: Sugars

Sugars inside the forms of blood sugar and fructose form an important constituent with the tender nut water. The concentration of sugars in the nut normal water steadily improves from about 1 . your five per cent to about 5 ” 5. 5 percent in the early on months of maturation and after that slowly is catagorized reaching about 2 percent at the stage of the full maturity of the nut. In the early stages of maturity sugars are in the form of glucose and fructose (reducing sugars) and sucrose ( non-reducing sugar) appears just in after stages which usually increases with all the maturity even though the reducing sugars fall. In the fully older nut approximately 90 % of the total sugars happen to be sucrose. Vitamins and Minerals

Tender coconut water consists of most of the nutrients such as potassium, sodium, calcium supplements, phosphorous, iron, and copper, sulphur and chlorides. Among the list of minerals more than half is potassium the attentiveness of which is usually markedly motivated by potash manuring. Tender coconut drinking water being rich in potassium and also other minerals plays a major position to increase the urinary output. It contains both equally ascorbic acidity and vitamin supplements of B group. The concentration of ascorbic acid ranges by 2 . 2 to 3. 7mg every ml, which gradually diminishes as the kernel encircling the water begins to harden.

Healthy proteins

Coconut water is made up of small amounts of protein. The proportion of arginine, alanine, cysteine and peaceful in the healthy proteins of tender coconut water are greater than those in cow’s milk. Since it will not contain virtually any complex protein the danger of producing shock towards the patients can be minimized. your five

Analysis of Mature and Tender Coconut Water

G. 3 White vinegar

Great Vinegar

The Babylonians used it to preserve foods and since a seasoning for their foodstuff. We have record of the Ancient greek language using it aid foods and Roman soldiers made a beverage utilized as they journeyed. Not much is promoting with our make use of vinegar, all of us still utilize it to preserve foods and season with. The name originates from the simple compounding of 2 words by the French and not really uttered nicely. When a cask of wine beverages got a crack in it to become exposed to surroundings they most likely uttered ¦¦vin.. aiger ¦. which means.. sour wine.


Vinegar is an acid with a low ph. So many microbes and disease are slain with this. Michael Mullen a prolocutor for him Heinz Organization says that straight five per cent vinegar is going to kill 80 percent of the bacteria and malware. Heinz says they can’t claim on the container that it gets rid of bacteria because of the EPA laws and regulations. If you do your research though you will see that the claims are audio.

Here are some additional ailments that people use vinegar to help heal. Relieve slight arthritis pain, get rid of a tummy ache, dissolving warts, relieving itching by mosquito or perhaps bug hits, soothing sunburn pains, alleviating a sore throat, jelly fish stings, they are only a few, you will find hundreds of applications used by many even in the wellness field. It is known that white vinegar is also incredibly versatile to get cleaning and sanitizing. Keeping a spray bottle of wine of straight 5% distilled vinegar pays to to clean and disinfect lots of things. You can sterilize your trimming board and spray hard to clean appliances for the kitchen that have a large number of nooks and crannies that can come in contact with bacteria. Also squirt on door handles, and all the bathroom accessories to get rid of germs on. Its odor dissipates pretty quickly. Buying unadulterated vinegar in a gallon container is very economical. Toothbrushes may be boiled for the minute in vinegar to kill microbes. You can also destroy molds and fungus. Spraying feet helps prevent athletes’ feet. 6 Physical Properties

White vinegar is mainly a dilute aqueous solution of acetic acid and this is mirrored in its physical and substance properties. It’s the product of two biochemical processes. These kinds of processes are alcoholic fermentation and acid solution fermentation. Intoxicating fermentation turns natural glucose to liquor. Acid fermentation converts alcohol to acid via bacteria, which are present in the air, we all breathe, known as acetobacter. The acid part of white vinegar is what provides it with its sour taste and its antiseptic (germ killing) real estate as well as it is cleaning houses. Vinegar basically simply a thin down solution of acetic acid. Depending on the fruit or perhaps other organic starting generate and the volume of processing, it can have varying numbers of minerals, enzymes, vitamins, dietary fibre and other organic and natural compounds. Require are just slight components of the vinegar, even though they are all main contributors to its flavour, colour, aroma and general nutritional benefits. 7

Substance Properties

The ph level of vinegar depends upon just how much acid exists, but many commercial unadulterated white vinegars contain 5% acetic acid and possess a pH of about 2 . 4. To put that in perspective, the next table examines the pH of white vinegar to some different common solutions:

G. 5 Battery


There’s many different ways to make a battery pack light up a lot of bulbs as well. For example , you can connect the bulb within a kind of chain, one after another, or perhaps ‘in series’. In a series circuit the existing from the electric battery passes through the first light bulb, then through the next light bulb and so on. almost eight

The battery pack produces the present by pressing electrons along the wires, the stronger the push, a lot more electrons flow along the wire each second. The current temperatures the skinny wire within the bulb and makes it glow brightly.

The strength of this press is assessed in volts. The word “volts comes from the name of the Italian who also invented the first power supply. 9

An electric current is a movement or flow of minute particles called electrons. Normally, electrons are attached to an atom and circle rounded its central nucleus in orbits- just like artificial satellites orbiting the earth.

A current of electricity need to have a completely not broken path, or perhaps circuit. If we could stick to current as it flowed along a line we should sooner or later arrive back at the starting point. twelve

The electromotive pressure or EMF develops between electrodes of course, if they are connected by a wire a current will flows. Almost all such cellular material have a small lifetime since the oxidation or reduction method reaches finalization.

The EMF of a cell depends on the chemical substance composition in the electrodes plus the electrolyte certainly not on how significant it is. How big a cell does, yet , affect its capacity. Significant electrodes and a large capacity- it will continue to produce current for a longer time. The present it is able to deliver depends crucially on the size and separation of the electrodes. A cell with huge electrodes close together has a low internal resistance and is as a result capable of delivering larger current. eleven G. 5 Related Research

In the past many years, there has been a marked improve in the development of technology particularly in the field of electromagnetism. Various ways of

consuming and conserving of energy in our daily life such as the utilization of the power crops, an alternative source of power (renewable and nonrenewable energy) and also the utilization of batteries are typical innovated. Electric batteries in all with the studies provides more profit especially in times during the energy deficiency. The following are a number of the studies executed to search for a brand new material to conduct electrical power and new alternative power packs: Kamias and Tamarind because Electrolyte for Dry cell Batteries

They used kamias and tamarind to produce electrolyte for dried out cell batteries. Kamias and tamarind will be citrus fruits so it includes many electrolytes. Citrus Fruits as Multi-cell Battery Citrus fruits just like oranges and lemons are conductors. They will don’t develop much energy on their own but since you utilize those hateful pounds in a series within the outlet, you can develop enough electrical energy to electricity a light light bulb. This makes a multi-cell battery pack, which makes the citrus fruits electricity more powerful and functional. Copper Sulfate as Electrolyte

The electrodes used are copper and zinc. Effects and conclusions showed the solution generated 0. 7V, that failed to light a one. 2V bulb.

Potato while Source of Electricity

The study is conducted by using potato as being a source of electricity. Through copper and zinc electrodes, juices create electricity. Effects and results showed that it generated 1 . 2V. But it really didn’t illuminate the little bulb; rather, it lighted up the lEd as replacement for the bulb. Sawdust as Electricity

The project of light-generating electric power with the used of sawdust was developed by the researchers in the N. Elizabeth. Bauman Moscow State Executive University which can generate a 10 kilowatts of electricity. The installation isn’t only cost-efficient. It also contributes to conserving the environment. Making use of this model, you will get electricity from waste-perfect intended for farms that never go out of veg waste and wood. The result in an much more economical routine of resources, something that both equally a farmer and Mother Earth would enjoy. Alipuina galanga as an Electrolyte

for Rainy Cell Power packs

Unknown to many, langkwas (Alipuina galanga) is known as a highly acid plant, with 48 percent methyl cinnamate as its active component. Because of its acid properties, the researchers analyzed langkwas’ performance as a great electrolyte in wet cellular batteries. Part 2


A. Materials

The components used in the experimentation are coconut water, copper line (positive electrode), and galvanized nails (negative electrode), plastic-type material cups while containers, beakers for measurements, multitester to get the ac electricity, alligator fasteners to connect the circuit, LED light and calculator to get testing, masking tape to carry the electrodes and vinegar as the control.

M. Procedure

a. Preparations of Coconut Water

Coconuts had been first collected. The water was obtained from the coconut. If the coconut normal water is now gathered from the coconut it will be stretched using a clean cloth to eliminate the pollutants. The blocked coconut normal water would after that serve as the electrolyte intended for the altered electrolytic cell. b. Preparing of the Electrolytic Cell

The electrolytic cell battery used coconut (Cocos nucifera) drinking water as electrolyte. A pair of electrodes was positioned on each beaker and linked in series circuit using the wire. Every beaker symbolized one electrolytic cell, and when it was connected in series with one more cell, the difference made increased. C. Determining the Difference Developed

The potential difference was assessed using multitester. The positive as well as the negative terminals of multitester are placed on the electrodes submerged inside the 200 cubic centimeters electrolyte. Then a reading from the multitester was written. D. Treatment

To determine the feasibility of coconut (Cocos nucifera) water while electrolyte over vinegar electrolyte, eight fresh setups were prepared. The first setup had one cell; the other setup experienced two cellular material; the third create had three cells; your fourth setup experienced four cellular material; the sixth setup acquired five cells; the 6th setup had six cellular material; the seventh setup experienced seven cells; and the 8th setup acquired eight cellular material. (Setup means one white vinegar electrolyte and one coconut ((Cocos nucifera) water since electrolyte battery). All setups differed simply in the volume of cells. Having different range of cells was important to have the ability to see the consistency of the potential difference made by both coconut (Cocos nucifera) water and vinegar electrolytes.

E. Statistical Analysis

To know whether there are dissimilarities among the treatments, a technique referred to as T-Test was done. This method was used to try whether the coconut (Cocos nucifera) water can be a source of electricity. The test of the hypothesis was carried out at zero. 05 amount of significance plus the critical worth of 2¦ The null hypothesis is accepted if the T-calculated


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