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Thus in conclusion, the Primus Epic, a modern day integrated avionics system developed by Honeywell, was along with the Bell/Augusta AB139 on which it absolutely was found match, was in that case extended to the Primus Epic AW139 intended for helicopters. The initial feature is usually that the Primus Legendary is a single package that performs numerous integrated capabilities and the mentionable feature is a display technology and the online navigation system. This has condensed many flight related activities in one unit. Landings have been made very safe with the Enhanced Ground Distance Warning program and there are studies of tracks by several pilots that were conducted on many devices from the Cessna and many winged crafts. Particular mention has to be made on the trial within the Augusta Wetland Helicopters – the AW139 which has a special system suitable for it and the capabilities that a helicopter pilot could wish for is definitely provided in the system and it has been critically acclaimed by the tests pilots being a success. Therefore it can be said to be a success pertaining to helicopters especially the Augusta Wetland.


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