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The technique by which an individual may seek to succeed in the diverse areas of their particular life, may be pin indicated to how well an individual is aware of these people self. To become more specific, the person needs to have an understanding of self-awareness and the connection it has to success. “Self-awareness is definitely fundamental to self-leadership. Commanders who have perfected self-awareness are realistic and accurate after they assess their very own personal strengths and weaknesses. ” (Watson, 2004). Thereby self-awareness comes from knowing what are the personal strengths and weaknesses we have since it relates to the areas of our lives such as with family, operate and institution.

Based on my own desire to better myself in the different areas of my life, I seek to recognize the abilities and skills I actually hold most powerful, discover the areas I are weakest in and define how I can go about in making advancements based on my own findings. During my readings in the University of Phoenix, My spouse and i arrived at discovering learning variations and how understanding your individual style can be the key to clasping control of an excellent education. The which touched on the subject of self-awareness and how evaluation tests may help you to reach the amount of understanding necessary.

In phase 2 of “Keys to school Studying: Becoming a Lifelong Leaner” (Bishop & Carter & Kravits, 2002), it was stated that, “Many different kinds of checks give people a method of self-discovery, providing distinct means of checking out strengths and weaknesses, skills and limits. ” (p29). After completing a couple of assessments as covered in the chapter, I came across myself to possess a logical and adventurer character style with strengths in being skilled in a variety of areas that make use of my abilities to organize materials logically, clarify things in sequential order, analyzing info, and hands-on problem solving to name a few.

These strong points are not only evident in my line of work as a welder, but in the way I actually live the life as well as the way My spouse and i interact together with my learning team members. Like an old generally known clich & eacute;, for every positive there is a bad, I found that just as I possess good personal strengths, you will discover as well disadvantages to bare. “Human strengths are as genuine as human being weakness, so say background science. ” (Lopez, the year 2003, p. 5).

Among my personal weak points would be the lack of being musically gifted, sociable, and in many cases though being skillful in various domains can be a strength, there is a excessive sense of pride via doing good top quality work, that if not controlled may feed an ego dash that may stroke off the incorrect way for some people. In addition , during your stay on island are talents to for being an adventurer individuality type having a desire to be in an action-packed environment that is on the constant go with a taste for the variety of things that you can do. The problem with this comes from the extreme want for the personal life, work and school environment that can match that varied need.

Overall weaknesses can be problematic and the thought of there being kinks in somebody’s battle suits, can bring the human beings moral down. However , it requires to be understood that it is human being to have weaknesses and that disadvantages can be improve. Among the various study elements I’ve read, in addition to discovering equally personal strengths and weaknesses, there was as well supporting here is how a person can begin improving their very own weaker personality styles. The site for Merriam-Webster Online Book (2006) specifies the word boost as, “2a: to enhance in value and quality: make smarter. ” (Definition 2a).

That enhancing of value and quality is just what I seek to accomplish in my areas of home, work and school which I plan to make smarter so as to increase my overall life. As well as again, during my readings, it absolutely was commented that the person should certainly make use of their particular personal talents in order to support and improve on the weak points. As thus, by taking what I have come to learn about my individuality style in addition to seeking classes, training, self-help books and kits focused on my learning style upon subjects that cover those areas I are weak in, will it be possible for me to enhance.

Of course , just through practice on top of even more practice shall I be able to truly help with my sluggish areas and time once i reassess the strengths and weaknesses can i be able to notify where I actually stand. A person with a good understanding of his or her self-awareness, thus being aware of what his or her individual personality design is, may very well contain the key to possessing a successful lifestyle. So in knowing what your own personal strengths and weaknesses will be, will you be in a position to know what form of classes will suite you best in school, what type of job would you be best fitted for at the office and understand what reasoning there is certainly behind how we live your personal life.

In discovering my personality style was We able to understand an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses I hold, which has allowed myself to go out in applying my strong points to above come my personal drawbacks. With time with practice shall My spouse and i be able to improve my faults and perhaps some day reach, an amount of the same enlightenment between your various character styles. Sources: Bishop, T. & Carter, C. & Kravits, H. (2002). Learning Styles and Self-Awareness.

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