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India and Afghanistan have close technical, economic, cultural and political relationships. The relationships between India and Afghanistan can be followed back to the Indus pit civilization. The partnership is certainly not limited to the governments in New Delhi and Kabul, and features its fundamentals in the historic contacts and exchanges between the peoples.

Following the 9/11 attacks as well as the resultant US-led war in Afghanistan, the ties between India and Afghanistan grew strong once more. India’s interest is always in seeing Afghanistan move toward greater peace and abundance. India is among the closest local powers and it has committed to institution and infrastructure building in Afghanistan, and there is even more trust among the list of people of Afghanistan toward India as it has made significant investments in developing projects inside the war-torn country. It loves immense goodwill among common Afghans and this it has earned due to its decade-long investment in Afghanistan. In the recent past, Indo-Afghan contact have been further strengthened by the Strategic Alliance Agreement fixed between the two countries this summer.

Since Afghanistan was under-going three simultaneous politics, security and economic transitions in 2015, India got allayed its fears regarding its future by looking into making a long lasting commitment for the security and development of Afghanistan. For India, Afghanistan provides immense tactical potential. Geo-strategically India-Afghanistan collaboration has considerable value being a counter to the Pakistan menace. Strengthening the security dimension of India-Afghanistan ties is extremely important intended for India since it is in New Delhi’s curiosity to help Kabul preserve it is strategic autonomy at a time when Pakistan made it crystal clear that it would really like the Haqqani network and the Taliban to become at the centre of the post-American political dispensation in Kabul. India can be keenly interested in cultivating a substantial partnership with Afghanistan. As a result of strategic and security issues the Indo-Afghanistan cordial associations are in favour of both the countries.

Commercial Associations

Indo-Afghan Trade and Investment India recognizes the pre-eminence of Afghanistan as a junction of trade ways between central, south and west Asia for 3 thousands years. The bilateral trade at USD 683. 02 million to get 2013-14 (US$ 474. twenty-five million export and US $ 208. 77 million import by simply India) and$684 million intended for 2014-15 ($422 million export and dollar 262 mil import simply by India) is known as a modest physique going by actual potential. However , the trade relationships can realize its accurate potential in case the Wagah-Attari way is opened up for zwischenstaatlich trade with Afghanistan. To date, the Afghanistan Pakistan Transportation Trade Agreement (APTTA) have been restrictive in this aspect. India after Pakistan is the significant export vacation spot of Afghanistan. One of the targets of building Zaranj-Delaram road by simply India was going to boost bilateral economic relations besides providing Afghanistan one more outlet to Sea interface. The good operation in the Chabahar slot in Iran could capitalize on this road to offer a new transit course of Cover products to India although opening a new route to get India, as well as the rest of the universe, for operate with Central Asia. India and Afghanistan signed a Preferential Control Agreement in March 2003 under which usually India allowed substantial work concessions, ranging from 50% to 100%, to certain category (38 times) of Blanket dry fruits. Afghanistan subsequently has allowed testing concessions to Indian goods, including tea, sugar, cement and pharmaceuticals. In Nov 2011, India removed standard customs obligations for all SAARC LDCs with the SAARC Peak in Guy which provided all items of Afghanistan (except alcohol and tobacco) duty totally free access to Of india market. Afghanistan (as LDC) is signatory to SAFTA and is required to lower their tariffs of most goods not on their sensitive list of 5% or less. This kind of decade-long procedure helps avoid any unexpected or dramatic reductions in tariffs and eases all of the changes with little disruption to Afghan sector. Afghanistan recently reduced the sensitive list from 1, 063 tariff lines to 850 away of about 6, 000 total contract price lines. Only30% of the tariff lines in Afghanistan’s hypersensitive list include tariff costs above the required 5%. Under Afghanistan’s very sensitive list, the greatest tariff costs are applied on fruits, fresh vegetables and almonds, basic development materials, refreshments, plants, content of leather and floor coverings.

Some other items that are not produced in Afghanistan are also controlled by higher tariffs for earnings collection purposes such as tobacco, ceramic products, perfumery, minerals and energy. Transit isa major bottleneck in Indo-Afghan trade because of denial of export of Indian items via Wagah border and delays for Karachi dock. Most of the trade occurs by way of Bandar Abbas port in Iran or through Lebanon. Earlier Banks/Insurance companies were refusing to provide their services via Agency Abbas slot due to US sanctions although after raising of sanctions now the problem may modify. Many Of india companies are engaged in the infrastructural development of Afghanistan and are adding in the advancement the country. Through the visit of President Ghani toIndia in September 2016, to further expand the industrial engagement, Primary Minister proposed to supply world class and easily inexpensive medicines via India and cooperation in solar energy through mutually arranged instruments. The countries have become working on air corridor to boost the operate and business

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