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In the film “Remember the Titans” an important landscape is at the Gettysburg fight location. Right here, Boone makes an affecting speech for the players about overcoming their particular racism. Boone is the brain coach of the mixed female football crew he is speaking to. The film is set in the 1970’s, once racism is common. The Gettysburg scene has its own visual methods which will help one discover why it is important. One example is the silhouette with Boone the background. A verbal strategy is the Boones voice is definitely serious.

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Gettysburg is the turning point in the film, where the players over arrive their racism.

At the sports training camp in Gettysburg, the head instructor Boone, usually takes them on the run for three o’clock in the morning. This individual takes these to the field of the Gettysburg battle. The weather is foggish and damp. The misting from the haze, gives a treatment effect on the cemetery at the rear of Boone, if he gives his speech. The gravestones in the cemetery appear like the men wiped out in the struggle.

The gravestones also give the scene a serious effect. When Boone is speaking, one knows that what he is saying is important because Boone is speaking in a very critical and flat tone. “50, 000 males were murdered fighting precisely the same fight you aren’t fighting. ” The battle is the battle of racism. The men in the battle fought over politics issues, such as the use of the black slaves. The quote means that the players are fighting over racism, when the battle has already been fought with a radical outcome.

The tone of Boone’s tone is very significant, because it is clear and does not change tone. His voice affects one since the only factor that can be focused on is the terms. His tone helps me personally understand why it is important because he demands rhetorical questions and the words happen to be powerful. “I don’t attention if you don’t just like each other, however, you will admiration each other. “

When Boone speaks with the scene, he is standing in the front of everyone, and the assistant coach, Yoast is usually standing while using players. This shows that Yoast connects while using players. During Boones speech there is a silhouette of Boone and the cemetery behind him. This provides the viewer to pay attention to the words he could be saying, as well as the cemetery behind him, not really on what he looks like saying all of them. “Did the die for free? ” When he says this kind of, the audience is taking in what he says because you are focused on Boone himself wonderful words.

When they get back to the camp, throughout a training session, both the captains scream the mantra, “left side” “strong side” to each other. This reveals a new understanding and respect towards the other person. They impact the rest of the team, which then come together as well. On the bus drive too the camp, players are not speaking with each other. Compared to this, the bus riding on the way to school, players are all performing together. This can be the turning point which in turn shows me that Gettysburg is very important.

Overall I think that Gettysburg is an important field because through Boone’s conversation, the cemetery and the reactions after the conversation, it demonstrates that it damaged the players mainly because they altered from disliking and not trusting each other, to trusting and respecting the other person. This demonstrates it must be significant because of the consequence.


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