Replace a legacy volige application case study

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Excerpt coming from Case Study:

Legacy AIS

Replacing a Legacy BARDEAU System

As technology continually progress many of the legacy Accounting Information Devices (AIS) will be continually becoming replaced with versions that have elevated functionality. The brand new systems have enhanced financial supervision and making decisions capabilities as well as the capabilities to integrate to information systems. The degree of benefit that a new generation VOLIGE system can add is largely is determined by whether the implementation project is successful. The job implementation will certainly as rely largely on whether the strategy is custom, outsourced or encased and the design of the system to be introduced to the organization. This research will provide a review of the rewards and disadvantages related to different types of program design. Based on the studies, a suggestion will be built and a review of the software program development lifecycle (SDLC) will probably be provided for thought.

Value of New AIS Systems

There are a variety of features that a modern-day AIS system can offer an organization. Some of the new features that are available in these systems will make an organization even more competitive simply by automating many business processes, lowering transaction costs, and allowing quicker access to real time company data (Kabir, N., 2010). In the event that companies are using legacy VOLIGE systems, they can be most likely greatly dependent on manual processes. Manual accounting devices can slower the movement of information and a coating of redundancy to the accounting process. This may bog throughout the entire corporation since supervision will not have access to the most up-to-date data.

There are also many other advantages to the implantation of any new technology system. Such as newer devices can support progress strategies without the need to greatly increase human resources. Furthermore, new systems can offer features just like e-business alternatives that can automatically integrate together with the backend economic accounting. This could make expedite ordering and delivery capabilities for customers and reduce the need for inside processing. Furthermore, if the corporation is geographically dispersed in that case new VOLIGE systems can facilitate skill of different division through motorisation and standardization.

The efficiencies gained through AIS devices in general happen to be certainly beneficial to an organization. Computerized financial details systems are faster plus more efficient in processing data. Workloads that previously required the accounting department weeks to do can now get done within a day. The next generations of AIS devices continue this trend and take the accounting capabilities one stage further (Oracle, 2011). Overall, one of the primary benefits is the cost effectiveness. Accounting information program reduces deal costs which could save a company substantially; especially with outsourcing (Bahi Goyal, 2005). Thus increases in size in effectiveness, the usage of update details, and the lowering of transaction costs all make upgrading musical legacy AIS systems a strategic and tactical goal for many businesses.

However , freelancing any THIS business features or process development can carry substantial dangers. A number of risks arise straight due to the fact that the business loses an important amount of control over devices development and must count on their strategic partner (Dhar Balakrishnan, 2006). One risk that is common in such a scenario is that control of security issues is hard to keep. When an corporation outsources these critical THAT functions then a handling of such functions will ultimately rely upon the vendor’s capabilities and motivations. This carry certainly be a worrisome scenario especially when you’re able to send financial info is subject to outside installers and these types of contractor’s offices are abroad.

Decision Brief summary

1 . Apply New BARDEAU System (Internally Managed)

Positive aspects

Better Integration


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