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Relationship between Romeo and Juliet and Annie and Helen Romeo and Juliet

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is a tragic play authored by William Shakespeare. It is a love story between two

rival people, the Montagues and the Capulets. Romeo who is a Montague falls in

love with Juliet who is undoubtedly a Capulet. It is love at first sight, but if

their very own parents understand there will be no way that Romeo will ever find Juliet

once again. The Miracle Worker is yet another play that people read. It can be about a little

girl named Helen Keller who is equally deaf and blind. Her parents pity her and enable

her perform whatever the girl wants. They want to be able to communicate with her therefore they

write a doctor in Baltimore to get help. The doctor sends Annie Sullivan to aid

Helen, which is worth it mainly because she finally gets Sue to be courteous and discuss.

Three people from Romeo and Juliet compare to 3 people inside the Miracle

Worker. To begin with, the Montagues as well as the Capulets along with Mr. and Mrs.

Keller and Annie are definitely the first identical group of people. Because the two people

disliked the other person so much, that kept youngsters from to be able to date every

other freely. It required their children to keep secrets from their parents and

made it hard to see one another. The parents inside the Miracle Member of staff are very

much the same. Mr. and Mrs. Keller didnt like the approach Annie was handling and

taking care of Helen. They almost made Annie quit instructing because of that.

Annie made Sue eat using a fork instead of her hands. When she wouldnt

support the fork Annie forced her to hold this. The Kellers didnt similar to this and

advised Annie to let Helen consume however the girl wanted nevertheless Annie wished Helen to understand

the proper way to eat and respond. Annie was very stringent and made disciplined

Helen well. Next there are two people who had been dependable and friendly to Romeo

and Juliet and Annie and Helen. Such as Friar Laurence knew about the

relationship between Romeo and Juliet because he may be the one who wedded them. He

thought that in the event that they got married it would end the feuds between the family members. In

addition he also came up the plan for Juliet to drink the potion to generate it appearance

like the girl was dead and when Romeo came it could look like he save her so the

Capulet family would like him. David, Captain Kellers son simply by his initial

marriage was the only one who also believed in Annie at first. As an example he was

the first to see Annie teach Helen the buchstabenfolge and also acquired the ladder for

Annie when Helen locked her in the room. As well James let us Annie consider Helen towards the

pump by simply telling Mr. Keller to let Annie teach Helen her way and that for once this individual

is wrong and Annie can effectively teach Sue. Finally the very last two people

that influenced the relationships would be the Nurse and Doctor. The Nurse recognized about

the relationship between Romeo and Juliet and could possess told an individual but under no circumstances

did. In the event she informed someone they got married she could have saved the two kids

lives. Even though the doctor tried to acquire Juliet to like Paris she couldnt

get her to since she liked Romeo. Your doctor told the Kellers that hes

never seen an infant with more vigor, which was wrong. However this individual tells these people it

was only acute congestion. Following he leaves, Mrs. Keller tries to obtain Helens

focus, but the lady cant since Helen cant hear or see. If the doctor acquired

been better he would have got noticed she was mute and told them prior to or try to

save her. Although two different experts wrote the plays in two different times

they will still have characteristics that can be as opposed. They all have got plots, orgasms

and settings. Shakespeares words and phrases and method of writing was more advanced than

William Gibsons but they both have good work. Romeo and Juliets finishing

wasnt happy like Annie and Helens but in the final they both got the actual

wanted. Romeo and Juliet were finally together plus the families got over their

differences, and Annie got Helen to understand that phrases have symbolism and how

to communicate.

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