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“According to 1981 census the timetabled caste populace in India was 10. 4 callosité which constituted 16 percent of total population”. This kind of large portion of inhabitants has been enduring for ages and in addition they have been offered name in different forms like Shudras, unapproachable, depressed classes and Harijans etc . However conditions continued to be pathetic and so they continue to suffer socially, educationally and financially. The Central and State Government implemented the article by providing different schemes and provisions for the welfare of the timetabled caste however the achievements is much from acceptable.

Nevertheless we declare that we are living in a growing India, it faces problems in various domains such as illiteracy, caste problems, economic and academic problems and so forth Even though features as provided by the government to scheduled sorte, their issue still goes on. The Sambavas (also called Parayas) constitute a negligible population of Kerala. They are really spread widely in all a part of Kerala Condition.

In the matter of scheduled areas, the Dhaber commission in pursuance of Article 339 of the metabolic rate deals with the issues of timetabled caste/scheduled people comprehensively the commission advised that in tribal region a school must not be located at a distance of more than one particular mile. But in fact, the Sambava kids walk more than one mile and Sambava colonies are operating out of hilly areas. So , it is hard to reach the school in time and this is still a prevalent phenomenon inside the state, and in addition caste elegance is another difficulty of Sambavas. These elements are also creating difficulties and problems inside the Sambava children and bring about mass dropout in educational institutions.

Right now Sambavas would not have virtually any social and educational status. The natural’s corollary to this conclusion is that they had been denied the necessary economic options too. Right now social status of Sambavas is sluggish than other residential areas. Caste elegance, child marital life, lack of services, also shows the cultural conditions of Sambavas. Body discrimination is among the main problems of Sambavas. For example , Cherumala Sambava nest, Kozhikode even now facing lots of caste splendour barriers. The Government Welfare D P University situated near the Sambava colony. But nothing has changed for the good at Authorities Welfare School Perambra. Even after starting the LKG section and providing greatest amenities, including Pedagogy Recreation area and intelligent class room. The school remains ‘Untouchable’ for the civil culture.


No non-dalit student provides studied in the school during the last 15 years. A teacher of the Federal government welfare institution said, “The upper famille parents advised us that they can don’t want their youngster to stay with Parayas (Sambavas)”. The Headmaster Raghudas Tettiyil declared that “the University have incredibly good system but people don’t give their kids to varsity and there are simply fifteen pupils in the institution and all of all of them belongs to Planned Caste category and no upper-class students possess studied within the last 15 years, though we used to increase the strength”.

99 percent of Sambavas said that these were insulted simply by calling all their cast name. “Not just children, for anyone who is born in a lower solid family you can expect to always be out from the society. Top cast persons will slander you phoning your cast name, they are going to discriminate you as your pores and skin is darker and your terminology has a different accent” says one citizen of the colony. Even following 70th numerous years of independence, the scheduled body of India still remains to be socially, financially and educationally backward. The socio-economic progress the slated caste is usually closely linked to the educational progression. But these days and nights also illiteracy is the main difficulty of scheduled caste persons.

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