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The property supremacy in the department, which may be caused by other types of earthquake earthquakes, and other open public houses, targeted for the rural areas, can be avoided. Within the housing superiority made by the use of local methods and time, the house brain of the enclosure department Raju Neapaneinformed. It is worth Rs 2 lakhs to installment payments on your 5 , 000, 000 rupees to make such version house, this individual said. The actual small home is worth Rs. 2 lakhs, and the maximum cost ought to be up to Rs. 25 lakhs. The department also pointed out the components and personnel needed to help to make various models of houses. The price is not really mentioned. He said that the price tag on the goods must be made in the home would not end up being mentioned for the reason that differences will be different.

In the second period, both the country and cities have also advertised the 18 modal houses of the Hankel. ChiefHouses of the housing part, Neupane, informed that these kinds of houses works extremely well by building materials such as Junk Prevent, Light Evaluate Steel, Inner LockingBrick, Banking Standard Obstruct, Wood, Beyondage Blake. These kinds of houses will probably be prepared by Rs several lakhs to 25 lakhs. The first phase is a use of locally made stones, bricks, and stones, and can be improved by the on-line of dirt. Neupane declared that the second phase is founded on the new technology that can be used employing other construction materials.

The supermarkets have studied a model of Nepali style properties by learning for a long time. We were already learning this, Neupane said, it is now bigger plus more difficult following your earthquake. Coming from outside, as if Nepalese style is seen, but it is believed that every sort of earthquake-resistant module is likely to bein your house. He declared 30 years of construction of stones and clay, including the house, built 50 years older and RCC for 75 years.

An additional of making the homemade version is not so difficult to pass through the map. If a home model is prepared, a map of the house can pass in 10 minutes. Everyone does not need to make these kinds of a house, although those who want to build a home according to the style given by us, their roadmaps will go in 10 minutes, Neupane said, Apart from these types of modules, building houses aside should be done other processes.

This kind of modal homes are made in line with the requirement, to create right and upward. The arrangement from the construction of a10-watt solar panels of solar panels in every house, making a home on government scholarships in completely damaged enclosure rebuilding scholarhip procedure, 2072 from the earthquake prepared by the Urban Development Ministry.

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