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Self Consciousness, Emotional Cleverness, Military Leadership, Demography

Excerpt from Dissertation:

That is why the journal article strongly suggested more scientific research that is certainly still lacking ten years later on (Russell Rock, 2002, 145).

B. Stalwart Leadership-Greenleaf

The main aspect is that a servant leader will be a stalwart who seems a natural ought to provide for the needs more (Greenleaf Spears, 2002, 27). A concrete example of this will have been a leader such as Martin Luther Full Jr. who exhibited this capacity. Undoubtedly, his management without doubt transformed the face in the American landscape forever. Devoid of it, america might be the segregated and less equivalent place that it was in the times of separate others rooms, lunch break counters and segregated chartering. The impact upon America’s ethnic situation was immediate and positive. While things may not be ideal today, without this kind of leadership, things would be worse. For this reason, even more research is important.

C. Describe the importance of Self-Awareness and Emotional Cleverness

Self-awareness moves from the notion of individuality plus the individuality is usually inspired by the self-sacrificing sort of the leader. The vision triggers the fans to share the same goal. Practically nothing would happen without the dream of the best choice. Without this dream, nothing at all would happen. As Greenleaf highlights, much more than the dream is essential, but with out it, absolutely nothing can happen. This is based upon intuition and tum feeling, which in turn would suggest that mental intelligence is known as a necessary component to this mixture (ibid., 28-37).


Mentioned previously in the dissertation, this writer was critical of the servant-leader model. We all critiqued this kind of by using “great man” theory and participatory leadership to be able to explain inadequacies in Greenleaf’s characteristics of servant leadership. While the egalitarian ambitions in the servant management approach were found to laudable, they cannot really be written about empirically in real scenarios. As we saw in the superb man theory and in the empirically documented participatory management theory, we have a need to encourage followers to undertake the would like of the leadership. Great leaders do this through inspiration. The characteristic of humility in servant command may be adequate in spiritual or charities, but is typically not valid inside the real world and simply simply will not hold up empirically.


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