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My own teacher Miss McCay has asked me to create a presentation mainly because before she used a flip graph and or chart and now this lady has got a computer she would prefer to use a computer aided design and style. Alternative Alternatives 1 . manual 2 . Computer system presentation application. Advantages and disadvantages 1 ) The advantages of a manual answer are that it is a lot cheaper and you do not need any components or software program to use this.

As it does not need a computer to perform on it would not use any kind of electricity. The disadvantages are that when you have finish with it you are unable to get rid of it. If you be used up of place then you have to buy a fresh manual answer or begin to use a pc aided solution 2 . The huge benefits of a computer aided program are that there is a lot of disk space to store publishing power factors or images. The disadvantages are it is more expensive to run and you have to adopt longer for making. Objectives My objectives happen to be that I uses computer presentation software and in it you will see: 1 . an intelligent simple font 2 . bright colours 3. many different colors 4. short words five. animation among slides six. sounds between slides` Evaluation Software and hardware.

For this dilemma, I will be using laptop presentation computer software. The most suitable application that I can use is Microsoft company PowerPoint. I am using PowerPoint, because it is made for creating a electric power point and that is what I ought to make.

With this software I will be in a position to make actions buttons, enabling the students to think about the business presentation quickly, such as an interactive word booklet, also in electricity point I will use logos, pictures and symbols and many others, a weak point of a PowerPoint is that since it is saved on a computer I can be deleted or not really saved properly or the computer may crash and will lose all my work. To look for research I am using several software, such as the Internet. Let me use the Internet to collect useful information concerning networks so that it will help season seven and me and networks.

I will then manage to use a look at my work using a system called Transliteration and grammar check and so if I cause a word wrong it will replace the word towards the correct punctuational for me. I am able to use a collection of synonyms which can put in and get better words to make it more detailed for making more interesting pertaining to year eight. I will use my storage stick to transfer information among my house and school, this is certainly good because it is very simple to use and it is simple to save but it will surely save me a lot of period. I would become using a multimedia system Projector.

This piece of components is useful because it will allow me to job my presentation onto an intelligent board; the students will have an extremely large and clear view of the demonstration I have made for them. After i have made my presentation, my personal user, Miss McKay can show my personal presentation to year several using this part of hardware. An additional piece of hardware I will be employing is a inkjet printer.

A printer will be useful to print pictures with the screen, which will help year several to understand networks. I would store one print out for the final backup of my presentation, so I will have a difficult copy of the answer to the problem at hand. Inputs In this part of the homework I will be placing useful data such as text to explain what is happening in the small area around the text that we have published. Beside the text I will place in graphics/ photographs of relevant pictures to go with the written text, so it will be easy for my target audience (year seven).

Thought out the display I will be using the same font so my own target audience can get use to precisely the same font. Likewise in the business presentation I will be using the same font size. All of the writing I do I will be using a keyboard as the input for the txt during my presentation. An additional input I will use is the net, which I can use for gathering information and film to make my own PowerPoint better for 12 months seven. So good websites that we can use will be www. labellise basse consommation. co. uk/bitesize The screenshot on the web page before is of the GCSE bite size revision website, from the LABELLISE BASSE CONSOMMATION.

It displays where I will obtain almost all of my info from, to place into my personal networks display. This website delivers me with detailed info and well-drawn diagrams. This site provides myself with comprehensive information and well-drawn blueprints. This web site is wherever I will be receiving most of my own information.

Yet , I will have to move this into Term, and then redraft the publishing so it will be easy for yr seven users so they can be familiar with information that we have presented them. This web site is exactly where I will be obtaining all my data. However , I will need to import the pictures or perhaps screenshots in word, my year seven users can easily understand the info they are being given.

Graphics/pictures and either copy and paste all of them into my own presentation, or perhaps import these people. Because the Net is so great, I will be able to find the right graphics for any of my pages. I will likewise find beneficial graphics/pictures coming from clip skill: I will make use of also details that I have gathers via pervious years where Plus learning data that I have to use at this point.

The graphics/pictures will be brought in from a variety of options. The initially source that I will use may be the Internet.

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