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Considered as a relatively new term in intercontinental relations and among government authorities, a generally cited definition of cultural diplomacy is that of Milton Cummings, a north american Political Science tecnistions which describes Cultural Diplomacy as “the exchange of ideas, details, values, systems, traditions, morals, and other aspects of culture, together with the intention of fostering mutual understanding between or among nations (Kang, 2013) or simply just put, it pertains to a cultural form of international connection between and among nations around the world (Kieldanowicz).

It absolutely was only in the past decade when governments began to and have increasingly paid attention to the practice of Cultural Diplomacy and have known the growing importance of social dimensions in analyzing the ever-increasing complexity of international affairs (Kang, 2013).

Fine art and traditions are two important facets of cultural diplomacy, as these would be the forefront of several countries’ marketing efforts. The showcasing of a country’s cultural heritage, because made possible by cultural diplomacy, provides a country with the opportunity of showing who they are and create a positive image which will help them obtain their politics aims (Kieldanowicz).

This perception was echoed by Philippine DFA Admin Albert delete Rosario was quoted declaring “DFA recognizes the impact of culture in modern diplomacy and sees it since an effective tool in guarding our national interest, in advancing the advocacies and achieving the development agenda of the country in the international market. Cultural diplomacy is referred to as “¦a span of actions, which are based on and utilize the exchange of concepts, values, practices and other aspects of culture or perhaps identity, whether to strengthen associations, enhance socio-cultural cooperation or promote countrywide interests; Ethnical diplomacy could be practiced by simply either people sector, non-public sector or perhaps civil culture.  Out of this definition, we can gather that cultural diplomacy is similar to a contract between two countries for the purpose of strengthening their relations through their cultures.


The first issue that the group considers significant in line with the organization of ethnical diplomacy is a young population’s patronization of Korean, Japanese and American pop culture. As previously mentioned, art and culture evens up our personality as Filipinos, however with the continuous and increasing “Japanesation, Koreanisation and Americanization of the young generation, the fresh population is definitely slowly shedding its Filipino identity this kind of then turns into a hindrance towards the promotion of local Filipino culture, so the question is usually how could the Philippine local culture always be promoted in foreign countries if regionally, there is difficulty in promoting, much less preserving this.


The ‘Japanesation’, ‘Koreanisation’ and ‘Westernization’ of the Filipino pop lifestyle must be addressed by the Filipino government. We expect however , that action need to first be used in the local or perhaps domestic level and expand it later on to the international level due to foreign coverage. In line with this issue the government may well sponsor students to study sociology with focus on Philippine traditions, or create art competitions such as song-writing and art work contests and the like. This will down the road be reflected in the overseas policy by the establishment of government sponsorship of foreign college students studying of Philippine culture and contemporary society.

As we know, the positive effect is defined as “worldwide integration and development and it has helped in improving the economy of various countries. Nowadays, there is a requirement for all the countries need to boost their exports to make this in the intercontinental market. Nevertheless despite that, the positive effect has also caused problems just like in ethnical diplomacy, an example of this is the Business Process Outsourcing techniques Industry. However the pay is definitely nice in such an sector, there is a problem concerning cultural clashes. Since most of the BPOs came from the western area of the earth and then merely outsourced, there is also a clash of what are the ways of living in one selected country and the ways of performing things the moment brought to the receiving country. There would be a whole lot of issues that would need to become addressed that causes in complications in cultural diplomacy.

A few use the local agent business for instance. Let’s us say that there exists a new customer service has been outsourced here in the Philippines. In the area where the call center originated they actually no certainly not celebrate Christmas or Lent but within the Thailand we perform celebrate these types of events. That’s where the collide begins, because these are two different countries with two diverse cultures, it could be hard for making or type a cultural diplomacy. We have a need to have talks to address this sort of issues so that each can agree with decide on some thing to agree with to form a partnership through ethnical diplomacy.


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