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Soledad may be the Spanish expression for solitude. Discuss the importance of this in the novel Of Mice and Men.  Soledad is the Spanish word intended for loneliness. The novel represents this when it was set in America of the 1930s. This was a moment of lower income and hardship as a result of The American Depression.  Steinbeck is targeted on these issues and emotions that men encountered during this time. Job was scarce, so guys had to visit find operate.

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In doing this they’d to leave loved ones, causing them to truly feel isolated and lonely. We can see this taking place in the book, especially through the character Candies. Also, racism was a serious problem during this time. Steinbeck shows this kind of and the thoughts of people through Crooks. Steinbeck highlights different issues that had been happening during this time period. I will discuss how these types of affected the boys in Of Mice and Men and how it induced isolation and loneliness.

Isolation especially impacts Curleys partner in the book. She doesnt have a name in the story, she actually is just referred to as Curleys partner. I think this isolates her from everyone. Its as if she is not only a part of the ranch. To receive attention, the lady flirts with all the current men. However no one in the ranch wants her mainly because she is this kind of a fidanzato and because the girl with married to Curley and no one wants to get into any trouble with him. Any you boys noticed Curley? This kind of shows that she actually is looking for her husband nevertheless really she is just trying to find attention from your ranchers.

The moment Lennie with the barn on his own one day Curleys wife comes in. George told Lennie to never talk to Curleys Wife in case he gets in trouble. Yet she sits down down subsequent to him and they begin talking. The lady tells us about how she simply married Curley to worsen her mom. She also says how unhappy she is with him. We dont just like Curley. He aint a pleasant fella. This shows that she is really unhappy with him and maybe regrets marrying him.

When the lady was younger, she was asked by a man to work in the photographs with him, he told her she was obviously a natural. Yet her mother didnt like it. She believes that her mother concealed the page from her so the lady couldnt proceed. I under no circumstances got that letter, I always thought my ol girl stole it. I think that this shows that her mother isnt very nice and she a new tough the child years, this may have got led her to do the things she will now (flirting) as your woman never acquired any interest when the girl was at home.

In the book, the two key characters happen to be George and Lennie. They will both experience loneliness but in two different methods. Lennie is usually lonely because he is quite ridiculous and doesnt think about what he can doing. Due to this, people evaluate him before they find out him. Curley is one of the most detrimental people to try this to him. Curley will not like tall people thus he recommendations a battle on Lennie. Lennie couldnt want a battle and I think what Curley performed and the fact that people misjudge Lennie makes him feel like George is usually his simply friend. However, George really does get annoyed at Lennie sometimes as they doesnt believe before he acts. Lennie and George have to keep running away from areas and find fresh work. We gotta go out in the dark and get out of the country. This shows that Lennie has done something wrong but George is there for him to get him out of the nation and to a safe place before he gets in trouble.

Another reason why Lennie feels lonesome is because he likes to pet soft items like mice and rabbits. Although he used to pet these to hard and he would eliminate them. This kind of made him feel lonesome as whatsoever he would, even if this individual tried his best never to kill all of them, they would expire. For example so what happened to his pup, so why do you reached get wiped out? and now probably George aint gonna allow me to tend zero rabbits, if he fins out you have killed. In these quotes you observe that he can very disappointed by his pups fatality and that he feels George will probably be mad at him pertaining to killing it.

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