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Postmodernity Reflection

In class thus far we certainly have discussed two entirely diverse schools of thought. One particular: modernity, which contained a society of new and informative individuals. On the other hand is the second school of thought: postmodernity. Postmodernity is actually a cultural sensation that is the denial of modernist principles.

Postmodernity challenges the society we certainly have, and that challenges our way of thinking too. It brings about the theory that knowledge originates from darkness. Anybody can only imagine this has a deeper meaning than an individual stumbling around a dark space looking for a textbook or an open Google web page. What this phrase means is that for progression and advancement of society, awful things must happen. In some cases, this does not come voluntarily. Inside the film Combat Club, the key character’s authentic enlightenment emerged only following his materialism was forcedly destroyed with a fire. His knowledge originate from darkness.

A few describe the time we at the moment live in as the postmodern era. The time when modernism ended that contested, several believing it ended prior to the turn of the 20th hundred years, and some thinking it ended after World War II. From this era has arisen the philosophical theory of nihilism. This is viewed in today’s society generally by young adults, who have secularized their lives. Whereas the regular view of humans provides the body as well as the spirit (or soul), the postmodern human being contains the body system and the head. Michel Foucault, a French philosopher and postmodernist, described these types of different aspects of humans. Foucault describes these types of forces since the modes which address the human body.

People who hold a nihilistic way of thinking reject every morals since to them, life is useless, so why follow the rules? These folks question so why the rules exist. The in class discussion relating to nihilism jogged my memory a lot of anarchy, where not only happen to be people’s probe no longer keeping them backside from doing crimes, but are no longer criminal offenses.

Postmodernism is definitely the dark and sinister child of modernism. It may result in a complete denial of world and its teachings. It targets the power of the individual, and a rejection of forces which causes the individual to live by a particular moral or social code. Postmodernity results in great issue about our society as well as the societies of the past. It is difficult to describe, and harder to understand, yet, in respect to some, were living in a society of postmodernism.

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