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This kind of essay will focus on the Learning Disabilities circumstance because I’ve worked with individuals with learning disabilities for a number of years. The assignment will certainly focus on so why it had been recommended that Adam goes into a residential care home whilst his mom is in hospital. (See Appendix A) I will maintain confidentiality throughout my personal assignment as stated in the Breastfeeding and Midwifery Council Suggestions for Students of Nursing and Midwifery (2009). The job will look in the key professional values and beliefs that underpin secure, person centred and facts based medical practice.

The essay will certainly focus on the way i would consider the scenario being a qualified health professional. I will also where possible consider Betty’s rights since my individual and as James’s mother. The values and beliefs of James happen to be, I feel, of paramount importance but My spouse and i also think his safety is actually. The Department of Well being, (2009) says that people who have a Specific Learning Disability needs to have the same human being rights since everyone else.

Specialist values and beliefs pertaining to the learning afflictions scenario. The Social Attention Institute pertaining to Excellence (2007) states that between 12-17% of people with learning disabilities can show behaviors that problem. These can include self injury/harm, physical hostility, and lovemaking behaviours and some people actually commit crimes that are unlawful. Service Users with a specific learning incapacity can be quite difficult to look after but I feel it is crucial to identify and meet their needs, both in terms of security and health.

Nursing and Midwifery Council (2008) states that nurses have an obligation of attention to act inside the best interests of their patients and work with other’ s to shield and encourage health and wellbeing to people in care, their families as well as the wider community. It is important to make certain James is definitely kept safe and his health care requires are fulfilled. In this scenario, James’s mother is the affected person but she’s concerned about her son therefore it is also important that she is reassured about his safety and wellbeing.

James’s rights needs to be taken into account nevertheless; his entitlement to be active in the decision could possibly be over viewed by medical center professionals inside their need to reassure their patient (Betty) since her requires and wants also need to be used into account. This can lead to the lovely view that it can be in James’s best interest to go into proper care until his mother is way better and able to care for him or be home more with help and support. James contains a right to decide where he really wants to live. The DH (2009 np) declares that: People with a learning disability and the family will get a claim about what support and attention they need.

It is important that James’s care requirements are considered and that someone from the multi-disciplinary team will take the time to sit down with Adam and find out what his landscapes and wants are and in addition what potential he needs to understand the scenario. The multi-disciplinary team includes a variety of specialists with differing prospective regarding this scenario. Healthcare professionals should be able to provide reasonable providers by themselves and as part of a multi-disciplinary staff Peate (2012).

The Mental Capacity Act (2005) is a safeguard offering a framework intended for approving the deprivation of liberty for many who lack ability to consent to treatment or perhaps care. It is vital that the risk to James is weighed up against his rights as a grownup with a particular learning impairment. How far better communicate with James and the social skills a nurse must be able to connect effectively.

I do think it is important whenever using service users with a learning disability to communicate with these people on a level that they can figure out and be happy with. The Department of Wellness (2009: l. 21) says that a learning disability means: A considerably reduced capability to understand new or complicated information or to learn additional skills, an damaged intelligence. I want to as a competent nurse find what level of interaction is right intended for James. McCabe, C (2006) says that: For nursing care to work and therapeutic, the conversation skills employed by nurses needs to be patient centered. As a health professional it is very important for me to keep in mind that James becoming separated via his mom Betty must be distressing.

Master & Walker (1998) states that people with Downs Syndrome are away living their parents plus more often than not have to move into supported hotel elsewhere. All James’s life Betty provides acted as an counsel on his behalf and now James has to attempt to communicate his own needs and problems. James should be feeling extremely isolated in order a health professional I must understand that communication can be harder for James and I will need to take steps simply by speaking to Betty to see how she generally communicates with James.

I might also question James what preferred method of communication this individual prefers to use. I may need to get in touch with a Registered Learning Disabilities nurse who can instruct me personally on how to greatest connect and communicate with Wayne. The Regal Society intended for Mentally Impaired Children and Adults (2008) say that working with someone using a learning disability may obstacle a nurses idea of what communication is and how all of us as persons make yourself understood.

Being a nurse speaking to James I might have to take into account the tone of my tone and also pay attention to James because he would be extremely sensitive and could easily always be frightened and become wary of communicating with me. More than 55% from the way we all communicate is completed through gestures, tone of voice 38% and terms 7% MENCAP (2008). I might offer David a range of communication tools such as accessible language, staying away from jargon, lengthy words which might be hard to comprehend, ask open up questions, and seek conformation when needed, try drawing, gestures and facial expressions, things and pictures.

In the event that these exclusively did not help James I might use connections from the multi disciplinary staff such as Indication along or perhaps Makaton which were taken from the British Indication language Culture that can be used to support people with a learning isability. What David needs happen to be in relation to the scenario It truly is imperative that James’s needs and his security are taken into account A Multi disciplinary group should assist James to be able to assess his needs actually, intellectually, emotionally and socially and to gain access to how extreme his requirements are and whether he can stay at home on his own or enter residential care while Betty recovers.

Adam has different needs apart from just well being so this individual needs a multi-disciplinary approach to his care. Center for Disease, Control and prevention (2011) says that studies have been completely shown in recent times that people with a learning disability are more likely to report ill health, less adequate health care than those without a specific learning incapacity. Betty should also be a part of the assessment as she is aware of James a lot better than anyone else.

Every step of the situation has to be explained to James in a way he can understand and so he can provide an input into the decision making method about where he wants to live, so he feels involved and in a few control of his life. It is necessary to remember yet , that in the event James is given too much choice that could also have a detrimental effect on the situation to both Betty and David. The Down’s Syndrome Relationship (2012) says that there is a lot more cases where a person’s needs for guidance in supported living positions is evaluated on a person’s ability to personal care and never on their standard of maturity about certain important issues. This might have a profound effect on the decision over James’s care. Promoting James’s health and wellbeing inside the scenario.

Alternative strategies must be put in place to handle James and his mother. The National Start for Medical Excellence (2011) explains a Holistic Assessment ought to include at bare minimum the physical, emotional, cultural, intellectual, and spiritual and where appropriate the environmental factors of Services users. This may also relate with needs and preferences and associated treatment, care and support.

Wade (2009 np) states that: Holism refers to an approach to well being which appreciates that well being depends upon a large number of inter-related parts which socialize in such a way that the complete effect comprises health or illness. It is evident out of this quote via Wade (2009) that the standard concepts of holism may be thought of in lots of different ways. It had been first considered by Abraham Maslow in 1943 (See Appendix M for Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs). Both models look at holism nevertheless Wade discusses it in the nurse’s perspective while Maslow looks at this from a deeper evaluation of psychology and the requirements of the human body.

He examines it medically while Sort looks at the needs in the body bodily. Barry (1996) agreed with Wade’s definition of holism nevertheless also in some respects combines Maslow’s Hierarchy of requirements because he looks at what a human’s needs contain both mentally and physically. For both James and Betty their particular holistic requires must be taken into account.

A comprehensive analysis needs to be completed including the relevant health and interpersonal care specialists as well as the ideal support companies. The British Journal of Nursing (2012 np) claims that: Nurses include a duty of care to behave in the needs of the patient at all times and for that reason must ensure that they are fully mindful of the health attention needs of the people with perceptive disabilities, and give reasonable services. The Pros and Cons of James starting residential attention while his mother Betty is in medical center.

If James is left at home while his mother is in medical center there is a significant risk of him injuring himself that is why it has been suggested in the scenario that he switches into residential care while Betty recovers. The DOH (2009) explains that lots of people with learning disabilities and their families have the opportunity to make an knowledgeable choice regarding where they wish to live and who they need to care for these people. More than 50-55% of people which has a learning disability live in the home, 30% live in residential care and 15 % live on their own in rented homes. As a doctor it is my role to make Betty and James aware about the good and bad points to about residential care homes and what support could be made available.

The Guardian (2012) explains that almost fifty percent residential attention homes for people with learning disabilities failed to satisfy care and welfare specifications. The Care Quality Percentage said that 48% of a hundred and fifty homes that had been inspected were noncompliant when it comes to whether individuals experienced safe, person centered care, treatment and support and were protected via abuse. Attention homes can easily however always be exceptionally good places for people with learning disabilities. Adam would be with other people he may be able to relate to.

The MENCAP (2008) says that non commercial care homes for people with learning disabilities provides a range of flexible support including day after day care, taking care of people with intricate needs, tough behaviours, sensory impairments, dementia and other problems. Another method that could be discovered is James staying at home and being backed in his own home while his mother Betty is in medical center. The NICE (2012) says that carers believe it is hard to care for their particular family when they are ill or their own wellness is not really what it needs to be. Also they will also conclude living in solitude and poverty and this in the long run could have an effect on their capability to care for themselves and their disabled family member.

What have I actually learned regarding caring for David in the learning disabilities circumstance? In this project it has been explained to me that as a doctor I have a obligation of proper care to my patient and am bound by the Code of the Medical and Midwifery Council (2009). In my specialist opinion the whole family need help and guidance at such a horrible time.

This assignment features helped me as a professional to know more about how exactly the multi-disciplinary team works and how I could access it inside my future job as a nurse. Another great lesson Let me take away from this assignment is learning about the nice guidelines specially in relation to how holistic strategy is in regards to nursing. Summary This learning disabilities circumstance has considered the needs of the elderly sufferer and her son that has learning problems and how my professional beliefs and values underpin safe, person-centred and evidence centered nursing practice. I have viewed the demands of my own patient and her kid and the position of the MDT in the making decisions process combined with my effective role like a nurse.

Through this process I use learned a few key lessons for my future practice as layed out in the section above that will improve my personal confidence by a newbie to a proficient practitioner.

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