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Apple SWOT Analysis

Apple Inc. was founded while Apple Pc Inc. In 1976 by simply Steve Careers and Steve Wozniak. They dropped the word ‘computer’ through the company name 3 decades later, hence the current name – Apple computers. (Apple Incorporation., 2014). Apple is recognized for the iPod, the iPad, the iPhone as well as the Macintosh distinctive line of computers.

The very best management of Apple Inc. contains the CEO, 6 directors and the Leader of the Table. The subordinates are the CFO and owners of different departments (Apple Incorporation., 2014). This applies a collaborative organizational structure in which all users are encouraged to interact to come up with concepts aimed at developing the company.

Even though it is recognized for its success, Apple Inc. in addition has had the fair share of criticism. Completely, Apple was criticized for banning i phone users from downloading the Google Tone application although it later allowed the same. It was said to practice unethical organization when it compelled the European Union customers to buy songs off I-tunes only. Sam Jobs was also inside the public limelight when he prohibited all literature published by Wiley and Sons by Apple retailers, his purpose being he did not accept them submitting his resource without his approval (Apple Inc., 2014).

Apple Inc. features experienced huge growth. The death of Steve Careers was a significant setback yet according to recent reports, the new CEO Tim Cook has been doing well in operating the company. As of September 2014, Apple Inc. reported quarterly income of $42. 1 billion and a quarterly net profit of $8. 5 billion (Apple Inc., 2014).

The company’s pros and cons

The strong points of a organization are the areas that give it a competitive advantage more than its opponents. An enterprise could be wealthier in terms of assets, competencies or perhaps ideas (Ritcher and Pahl, 2007). Apple. has items that are connected together. For instance , when buyers buy pcs, they will want complementary software. Since your own computer may not be suitable for travel around, a consumer may seek a great iPad which can be easier to carry around. Another buyer may also like an ipad device that can be used to get both cell phone and music needs. These kinds of convenience assures customer dedication. Apple Inc. can be therefore well-known for its devoted base of shoppers (Jeynes, 2013).

Apple is actually a leading head in mobile phone device technology. The CEO, Tim Cook, stated that “2014 was one to get the record books, such as biggest i phone launch ever before with i phone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus” (Apple Inc., 2014). It was as well able to develop new simple to use products and use the best tailor made designs.

Apple is recognized for its great financial efficiency. Luca Maestri, Apple’s CFO, stated that in the last quarter of 2014, they “earned a record $13. 3 billion in income from operationsbringing cumulative go back to $94 billion” (Apple

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