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Cadre that are visual in nature are noted either because Graphical End user Interfaces(GUI) or WIMP interfaces (Windows, Symbols, Menus and Pointer). Typically, these types of interfaces are available in multi-programming environments or in applications software that involve a considerable degree of difficulty. In a GUI, there are: A ‘window’ for each and every open application. Many house windows can be wide open at the same time yet only one windowpane can be energetic at any single time. There may be a way of implying which one is definitely active (perhaps by making the line at the top of the active home window blue).

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Menus and icons. Offered functions can be selected in a single of two ways, either by making use of pop-up menus or drop down menus, or perhaps clicking on ‘icons’. An icon is simply a small picture that represents a specific function- simply clicking it selects that function. A aiming device, usually a mouse button but in particular circumstances a graphical tablet and coop can be used. They are used to produce selections.

The usage of the keyboard to navigate through the application is minimized since it is relatively labor intensive way of operating. Natural dialect.

Natural language interfaces will be those that permit the user to communicate within their native dialect, such as English language. It enables the user to advise the computer devoid of need for a specific ‘syntax’. The device needs to be ready both to interpret advices in normal language from the user, and to act upon all of them, and, as well preferably to generate natural language statements in response to user input. It is sometimes also known as a conversational interface. The questions happen to be displayed within the VDU and the answers are came into via the key pad. For example , imagine a user features initiated a ‘save file’ request.

The ‘conversation’ could be: COMP: Precisely the file name? CONSUMER: chapter1. txt COMP: what folder? CONSUMER: userguide COMP: File already exists. Overwrite? USER: Certainly COMP: Completed. This kind of interface can be found on data admittance terminals and also other types of dumb ports connected to a network wherever nonexperts users are led through the sophisticated tasks they should perform by the computer. Command line Command based software is one where the end user types several commands on the keyboard which in turn tell the pc what their very own intentions will be. It is also known as linguistic manipulation.

The characteristics of the command based interface will be the customer needs to really know what commands can be obtained the user needs to understand the commands Attributes of a command based software 1) The device is very much even more open within the various interface. Various other interfaces limit the options the user provides available to them. This is particularly necessary for the system manager because different users can only be allowed to can access specific areas of the system. 2) Command based interfaces can simply be used by computer literate people as the user ought to understand the commands and their uses.

1 . Define what is supposed by the term operating system. (2) 2 . Offer two reasons why an operating system may very well be stored on backing storage space rather than inside the memory from the computer. (2) 3. Separate a multi-programming and a multi-access operating system. (2) four. State what is meant by a distributed system, and give a benefit of this form of multi-access program over a simple network of machines. (2) 5. Your computer operator requires phone calls from the public who also ring up asking if the particular item in a brochure is available.

The operator should type in a series of responses to questions put to the mystery caller, so that the computer system can check the file and determine if there are any one of that item available. Design a screen interface that would be suitable for the operator to use. (4) 6th. The tech responsible for maintaining the system involved 5, utilizes a command range interface. a) Explain precisely what is meant by a command line interface. (2) b) Provide two advantages and a single disadvantage to the technician of using a command word line interface rather than a menu based program. (3)

Answers: 1 A. -A (suite of) programs¦-which run the standard functions in the computer¦ -giving an environment by which to run program software. A question which starts with the phrase define, leaves very little room for manoeuvre because it is requesting a standard solution. This is not a way to show your ability by making up an answer that may be original- there aren’t virtually any. Note, likewise, the fact that three answers have been presented. Always make an effort to give one even more answer than seems to be needed by the problem. If you look at a mark structure for an examination conventional paper, the tag points are listed as being a set of topic points and so there is no reasons why you should not the actual same.

This kind of answer enables you to write down your thoughts easily without having confused by language. The purpose of this evaluation is to never test your capacity with English, rather to test your knowledge of computing. 2 A. ” A full main system requires a wide range of storage space that may be better used in the computer memory for applications ” Storage with the operating system upon backing storage area allows for easy upgrading or changing from one system to another one. Be aware that the temptation to call up the main system the U. S. continues to be resisted in the answer.

Generally speaking, do not work with abbreviations in the answers. There are exceptions, in which the abbreviation is the accepted kind, but your own versions can be ambiguous or, even, certainly not understood by examiner. If you do need to how to use abbreviation, because the term will be used a number of times, provide the term fully with the decrease that you want to use in brackets after it. For instance , the first time that you just use the term operating system write “¦ main system (OS)¦  you can then employ OS as frequently as you similar to the rest of the answer. several. A.

” A multi-programming operating system is definitely one where user with the machine is given the impression that they can carry out more than one task at a time. ” A multi-access operating system can be one in which it is possible for more than one customer to access the machine apparently simultaneously. Note that there is a large number of factors that could have been made regarding both of these operating systems, but most of them would not response the question. It is necessary when addressing a question starting with ‘distinguish’ to select facts that show an evaluation. 4 A.

” A distributed system is one which uses many safe-keeping locations in different machines to store software program and data. ” Use of files may be speeded up because several file command word can be carried out at the same time. When an advantage is asked for it is normal to state in the query, either explicitly or implicitly, with what the comparison should be made. Be careful to give a benefit using this assessment and not a far more generalised a single. 5 A. ” Contact form type software ” Brochure number ” Space for the explanation of goods that is filled in by computer by itself ” Spaces for computer system to produce availableness and price

” Organized with places for insight. What is just as important here are the things that would not be on the display screen. The question causes it to be quite clear there is no buying going on, so spaces for name and address, or perhaps method of payment, are not only gonna score simply no marks, but actually will probably be penalised because that they demonstrate that the candidate has not understood the question. In this form of question it is important to demonstrate that you have got taken the specific situation into account. six A. a)-Series of commands typed in a screen prompt¦ -which give specific instructions to the pc. b)Advantages:

-Entire system is offered to the technician -Access towards the particular area of the system needed is attained more quickly than using other types of interface. Disadvantage: -The technician needs to know the dimensions of the commands available -The specialist needs to be familiar with way the device is designed in order that it can be navigated efficiently. Note. The language found in this response is certainly not the sort of language which a candidate uses in an exam. Don’t bother about this. Answers like “so that you can bypass the system are flawlessly acceptable. System Software James Leong Mook Seng.


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