BETTER LIFE essays & examples

Untouchable by mulk raj anand essay

The novel Untouchable describes the exploitation and abuse in the Untouchables; a caste of individuals in India who happen to be named as such because of the job they accomplish on a daily basis, they are involved in ignominious, polluting or perhaps unclean careers and are regarded too unclean to touch. The author, Mulk Raj […]

The impact of materialism in the youngsters

According to the dictionary of Cambridge “materialism” is a belief that having money and assets is the most important part of life. Today this idea has a good place among people-especially inside the culture of youth- regardless their sociable classes. The economic system of the age relies on the customers and consumption hence the culture […]

Masks poses facades deceptions all are guns in

Oscar Schwule Throughout ‘An Ideal Husband’, the “battle of life” is pictured in numerous methods by many different personas. For example. Robert Chiltern deceives those around him selling off a cabinet magic formula, and Mrs Cheveley has on the mask of good motives when the truth is she just wants to generate income. The only […]

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