Fake news essays & examples

The press s role in the post truth era and the

Fake Information, Media However weird it may look, fake media, hoaxes, divulgación and partisan information aren’t a new trend. Nowadays even though it has become also harder to filter imitation news as a result of freedom of speech and social media enabling everyone to contribute to media posting and promoting. The issue becomes a lot […]

The benefits of having cash cash

Fake Media The Blessings of cash There is certainly another whole economy that cash cash creates that no one knows about. This article discusses the pros and cons of getting cash funds around. The hidden subway economy that may be held by those who are covering from the taxation part has a lot of negatives […]

Fake reports essay

The concept of imitation news is defined as made up details, presented within a specific file format, to make it look like authentic, real media, with the sole intention of deceiving the consumers. Scenarios may arise when somebody presents facts having in mind the purpose of being informative, just to be proven that the supplied […]

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