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Machiavelli inside the sixteenth hundred years

Egyptian Artwork, Beloved, Environment, Leaders Excerpt from Essay: Machiavelli In the 16th century, Florence was in a time of uncertainty and politics instability because of the clashes among different lording it over elite. It was in this cultural and political climate that Niccolo Machiavelli wrote The Prince. The book is actually a practical guide to […]

Comparing concept of god in hobbes and aristotle

Aristotle The leadership of the Leviathan, or, the ‘mortal god’, is actually a central motif in Thomas Hobbes’ assumptive masterpiece, The Leviathan. Practically, the word Leviathan comes from the Hebrew phrase livyathan, which etymologically means “to wind flow, turn, twist”[1]. In biblical tradition, it identifies the “dragon, serpent, huge sea animal”[2] in the book of […]

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