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The unemployment problem in hk essay

Introduction The unemployment price became a hot topic in the past couple of months when it increased to 3. 5 %, a recent substantial for almost ten years. The unemployed rate was higher than the 3. 2 per cent joblessness rate recorded in the Might to This summer period. The underemployment rate in the June […]

Reasons behind unemployment article

There are plenty of quotes regarding unemployment relating to Calvin Coolidge unemployment occurs ”When large numbers of men are unable to get work unemployment results”. According to Outspoken P. Louchheim, ”An ‘acceptable’ level of joblessness means that the government economist to whom it is suitable still has a job”. When George Master Bush said, ”In […]

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Graduate student unemployment article

The rising lack of employment rate between fresh school graduates today is a great upsetting tendency. Now the pool of unemployed graduates is rising to being concerned levels even in some high-growth economies. It is because several factors or causes that result in the increase from the unemployment price today. This article brings and discusses […]

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