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Theoretical orientation my personal orientation

Assumptive Framework, Gestalt Therapy, Carl Rogers, Rest Excerpt from Essay: Theoretical Orientation My personal positioning lies in Gestalt (Fritz Perls), Person Focused (Carl Rogers) and Truth Therapy (William Glasser) psychotherapy. What do you observe as enough time frame of counseling? Will you be more oriented to the past, present, or perhaps future? I actually am […]

Comparison of Theoretical Orientation Essay

Comparison of Assumptive Orientation The 2 theories i am choosing to compare in the situation given, is Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory and William Glasser’s reality theory. William Glasser, M. Deb., is the developer of Truth Therapy and Choice Therapy. Glasser created a cause and effect theory that points out human patterns. He focuses on personal […]

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