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For what reason would a person opt to betray the beliefs that were there fought very hard for? In Robert Cormiers novel The Chocolate Warfare, the character of Jerry Renault changes significantly from a rebel to a follower ultimately. The school team known as the vigils and his meaning beliefs inspires Jerry’s actions. He feels he must require a stand against evil. Jerry can be considered a hero because of his philosophy.

In the end on the other hand he gives in to the points he fought against and turns into a follower. There are many factors that cause Jerry to act how he does. The main reason is he required by the vigils to decline the chocolate. “When this individual returned for the school following practice, this individual found a letter scotch-taped to the door of his locker.

A summons through the vigils. Subject: Assignment. “(Cormier 62) He could be now forced to refuse the school chocolate sale. He has to face Sibling Leon and tell him zero which shortly gives him insight in the teachers’ emotions. “His eyes gave him away. His face was always under control but his eyes demonstrated his weakness. “(Cormier 92) Jerry realizes that Brother Leon is definitely struggling with the candy sales and that he is trying to hide his anger to get Jerry’s’ refusal.

Jerry understands Brother Leon’s hate intended for him wonderful fear of failure with the chocolates sale. “He had attained Brother Leon in the corridor late one afternoon following football practice and had seen hate pulsating in the educators eyes. A lot more than hate: something sick. ” (Cormier 92) Jerry knows that Leon hates him pertaining to refusing the chocolates yet he doesn’t want to provide into Leon and take the chocolates. This is exactly what motivates Jerry to become a rebel Webster’s book defines a hero as any man admired for his courage, characteristics or uses, especially in battle. Some people characteristic the term main character mostly to war.

My own definition of a hero is usually someone who takes a stand against evil or an unjust cause. The term hero can be applied to any individual, it isn’t necessary to save the world coming from explosion as a hero. The act of standing up for the friend can be called a brave act. The smoothness of Jerry Renault may be easily classified being a hero i believe. Jerry stands up for what he believes is correct and says no to Brother Leon.

This is a courageous work and despite what people say he carries on his combat. This is what makes him a hero, his dedication to his cause. Jerry’s outlook changes when he realizes this individual can’t escape with expressing no . He knows that this individual cannot reject the chocolates without distressing the whole school.

He concerns this recognition after he could be beaten up by one other student and it is hated simply by nearly the full school. Following the fight Jerry tells his friend Goober that it isn’t worth it that you should so what the school wants you to do and not disturb items. Jerry’s’ alter of cardiovascular comes when he realizes this individual cannot replace the school.

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