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1 ) Background examine Symbol is very important in our life because symbol may be used to give info through picture, line, color, etc . For example , symbol that provides information or perhaps command through picture can be picture mosque that usually gives in equally side of the road. It offers us details that there is mosque near that road. Additional example, symbol that use color.

As we have noticed every day visitors light in road without conscious thought organize driver and driver that use the street. Each color has distinct meaning, red is stop, green is usually go, and yellow is definitely be careful or perhaps down the speed. From the cases above you observe that sign is necessary in our daily life to understand both equally gesture and symbol like above in order to avoid a mistake to people. In literature image is as crucial as in our day to day life because in literature especially in poem, symbol has main role that make poem more attractive.

Symbol usually represents additional meaning with the real contact form or give an example that symbolizing situation or meaning that composition want to share. Moreover, “symbol” is applied only to anything or expression that implies an object or perhaps event which its switch signifies anything, or provides a range of reference point, beyond on its own. (Abrahams l. 324) Which means this paper tries to discuss, precisely what is the relationship between in back of story plus the symbol with the poem Ozymandias. 2 . Discussion Poetry is known as a type of literature that conveys ideas, emotions, or explains to a story within a specific kind (usually using lines and stanzas).

Additionally, poetry can be language that makes abundant utilization of figures of speech and language that aims to end up being powerfully powerful (Culler s. 68). In that case, Aristotle declared the value of poems by focusing on imitation (mimesis) rather than unsupported claims. He contended that poems provides a secure outlet to get the release of intense emotions (Culler s. 69) Allow looks the poem ozymandias, it is sonnet poem which in turn consists a single stanza, which consist 16 lines.

Ozymandias is poem which have been written by Percy Bysshe Shelly in 18 December 1817. Ozymandias is poem which explains to story of portrait damaged the ruler Ramesess II dynasty. King Ramesses II is the full of Egypt which known as ‘Pharaoh’. For what reason this told story regarding the ruler of Egypt because we can see in the 1st line ” I met a passenger from old fashioned land “; antique terrain symbolize the Egypt because Egypt is country which have a lot of history cite and antique items.

Then “two vast and trunkless legs of stone stand in desert” symbolize the remnants of Ramesess empire which built to prove his powerful. Furthermore, the sixth, seventh collection and eigth “and wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command” and “tell that the sculptor very well those interests read”, and “which but survive, rubber-stamped on these kinds of lifeless things”. These collection symbolize that the person who is definitely told was great person in that time and the statue that make by persons as the symbol of his electricity symbolize his personality.

Then it emphasize in-line 10th collection “my brand is ozymandias, king of king”. This kind of line show that this individual consider he is the king of most kings however in real he just california king of Egypt and that symbolize just how so conceited he is! Then name’s ozymandias is name from and Greece word “ozy” means air the “mandias” means rule, so it become the rule around the air.

He’s conveyed because king who want to achieve the potency of all world but it spend because no-one could obtain the power around the air. The queue 11th “look on my function, ye enormous and lose hope! ” he want to prove his power through all point that selection that stand for his electric power, explicitly he want to challenge both society and king via around the world to changeling with him to prove who may be the most powerful and most strong. But in series 12th and 13th it is refused since whatever that he have made was nothing because it will broken eat by the time and engraving. The dynasty that he expected will show his powerful was disappeared and left only cite and engraving around the pedestal is not a applies again because he is no longer king once again.

The line 14th “the lone land and level of sand stretch far away” this kind of emphasize that dynasty was disappeared and after this just bare desert and around only sand and sand. This is one of the Ramesess mistake since in his command he merely tried to display his strong through the temples or wats and typical monuments that this individual thought it can make each of the king on the globe will scared with him but it become curse to get him wonderful society as they forgot about the “world tires” that sometime all of us will in the up yet sometime we will in the down.

He too emphasis in the present once his empire is successful and he try to produce it nonetheless without though that all human being will expire someday and all of that he achieve and possess will be still left in the world. several. Conclusion By story that become lurking behind story in the poem we know that the life of Ramesess that so conceited and produce so many background cite in Egypt that become indication of his powerfulness dynasty tried to keep what this individual get in the earth without scared to the goodness. So , in the long run he was dead because we know that all man will lifeless and we will still left what we have such as wealthy, pride, throne and exactly what relate to the worldly on the globe.

The last sign that is used in that poem provides strong relationship with the lurking behind story with the poem itself, especially behind story of king Ramesess II in Egypt.

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