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Universities today are introducing the newest policy “the deadline is a deadline”. This kind of essay shall explain why “the deadline is the deadline” a good idea in schools today.

It will are the consequences and disadvantages if you don’t follow this policy, with the benefits of following the policy as well. This essay shall include why professors in our universities today choose to follow “the deadline is he deadline” policy. The huge benefits off following ‘the deadline is the deadline” policy is the fact when you go up to grade 11 o doze the teachers will be more strict about this coverage, and wouldn’t give you exts for “accidently” leaving that at home or “loosing” the USB.

It can help you down the road when you take a job. It helps students for taking responsibility. And this policy would also support later on in life when you’re in university.

The disadvantages and consequences of the policy ” the deadline is the deadline” are that if you receive so used to not completing or perhaps handing projects or operate or time, in the future when you get jobs it would be hard for you to hand it in on time. And if you don’t do the function, you might too go looking another job. One more disadvantage is the fact, by not really handing in assignments it can take your class down.

Educators today within our schools stick to the policy “the deadline may be the deadline” because if the teachers didn’t support the coverage some college students that hadn’t finished or perhaps handed it up may use pathetic excuses to get extension cables. They also stick to the policy mainly because it encourages learners to take part in the learning procedure, it helps students to take responsibility in their learning and it in addition supports college students to develop time management expertise. People today concur that “the deadline may be the deadline” coverage is a good idea, and i also agree.

It is just a brilliant way to help students develop period management expertise and to go school, meaning they would get yourself a better possibility of getting in to school or to get a good job. Students make up stupid excuses for not handing that in, that is not going to support. The deadline is the deadline and if you have trouble with handing this in punctually, doing thirty minutes to an hour a night wouldn’t hurt.

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