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Human Tendencies

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Individual Behavior Final Summary

Through the entire spring session of 2018 at West Texas WAS, I did find a way to pick up a whole lot of new at ease with the human mind and several places such as personalities inside the class “Human Behavior”, Psychology-2315. To be honest, I really did take advantage of the class plus the amount of discussions that is involved in every single chapter and the time I took to look myself to view where I am just at and what i need to work on in that time span. Just like building up my foundation and a possibility of rethinking and strategize my own core and moral beliefs as a person. It’s genuinely not regarding me in the long run in all honesty, it can about what you can do for your close friends, God, and whatnot instead of being self-centered and a prick at the same time like some people who I actually know that are like that. Other factors such as numerous circumstances and different sets of beliefs in existence in this to make the decision how a person’s behaves as well as the method that you uses to pursue joy and for the near future.

. The few issues that I will put to use is obviously whether or not is actually for my own sake or perhaps not would involve intimate relationships, happiness, and meanings/values. These factors at least by my eyes are section of the key ingredients towards life itself, although intimate interactions are a diverse benefactor due to kinds of people you are likely to spend time with and such. Friends who are there for you personally, want to hold out, wish to help you become the person that you meant to myself, spend time with you through distributed activities and values, etc . If you don’t have those, then a lot of conflict will tend to arise later in life and how we efficiently communicate with the other person varies. These factors are definitely the ones to help me determine not only on my career environment as well as a possibility to start my personal business after down the line. “When we accomplish intimacy with another person, all of us feel almost as if our company is known and understood by the other person, further symptoms are providing and receiving mental support, as well as a desire for further the welfare of the dearly loved as well as posting oneself and possessions while using significant other (Alexander, 2010, pg 285)”. This may not built in one day as does pleasure and other ideals.

Another virtue to see and reconsidered out of this course requires happiness, exactly where it entails emotional wellbeing as well as the highway to delight develops over time throughout background how one takes the path to their wants of joy. “Though delight is a target we target, the problem is arriving at a understanding that we simply cannot attain delight once and for all and forever, as it is a result in a part of the approach we live our your life everyday(Alexander, 2010, pg. 389)” The way we life each of our life toward happiness, it’s not for other folks to possibly begin with as we all have a totally free will of our own. We certainly have our own needs and delight that needs to usually in the long run. A thing that I’m going to use in the future towards my own as well as my close friends, a grey region or a balance that I am able to improvise in when it is necessary because really really not about my own butt to start with.

In the bottom line of the training course ending, I will admit that we have learned a number of things coming from taking this system. It is also essential to at least get a concept of these features to understand your self better, to learn, and to grow towards a brighter foreseeable future as a person as well. As well as taking some timeframe to be there for your friends when they are in need. It might appear like some sort of hassle and a struggle to manage that is outdoors your safe place and work, but it is very rewarding towards the end. It is not something that can be done in one day., which is also another reason I loved taking this kind of class.

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