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Describe the importance of literacy and numeracy abilities for accessing the larger curriculum. 1 ) 1 Literacy and numeracy skills are crucial in life. Learners skilled in literacy and numeracy are more likely to stay in fulltime education and since adults be more productive and earn larger wages. Literacy and numeracy skills are exceedingly important for getting at the wider curriculum.

The reason is , literacy abilities are required intended for everything. If the learner has difficulty with literacy chances are they will find it difficult to read terms and they could also have a problem with publishing. They may have difficulty in all types of subjects like Science because they may not be in a position to read the guidance to do tests or labeled diagrams, in Music although they are not able to see the words to sing the songs, in Cooking although they are not able to look at the recipe or perhaps food labeling.

Numeracy is additionally used over the wider curriculum so if the pupil has difficulty through this area it can affect other locations such as Preparing food with evaluating ingredients, in PE they could find it hard to rely if informed to do three or more hops in that case 8 jumps tec. Poor literacy and numeracy skills could also affect the child socially as different children may not want these to join in. Bettering pupil’s literacy and numeracy can have a positive effect on all their confidence all their ability to deal with everyday jobs as well as their lifelong learning and overall health.

Research shows the links between low literacy and numeracy and crime, poor health selections, low educational attainment and unemployment.

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