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E12-1 (Classification Issues—Intangibles) Presented listed below is a set of items that could possibly be included in the intangible assets section of the balance bed sheet.

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(a)Indicate which items on the list previously mentioned would generally be reported as intangible assets inside the balance sheet.

13. Goodwill acquired during the buy of a organization.

12-15. Cost of getting a patent coming from an developer

of sixteen. Legal costs incurred in securing a patent.

17. Unrecovered costs of your successful legal suit to protect the patent. 23. Expense of purchasing a trademark

19. Cost of purchasing a copyright.

10. Order cost of a franchise.

(b)Indicate how, if at all, the things not reportable as intangible assets can be reported inside the financial transactions. 1 . Expenditure in a supplementary company. – long term opportunities 2 . Timberland. – PPE

3. Cost of engineering activity required to advance the design of a product to the making stage. – research and development

5. Lease prepayment (6 months’ rent paid out in advance). – pre-paid rent

5. Cost of equipment obtained. – PPE

6th. Cost of trying to find applications of fresh research results.

– R&D expense

7. Costs incurred in the formation of the corporation. – expense

8. Operating loss incurred inside the start-up of the business. – operating reduction

9. Schooling costs received in start up of new procedure. – charge

11. Goodwill generated internally. – not really recorded

12. Cost of assessment in search intended for product alternatives. – R&D expense 14. Cost of developing a patent. – R&D price

18. Expense of conceptual formula of likely product alternatives.

20. Research and development costs. – R&D expenditure

21. Long lasting receivables. – long term expenditure

22. Expense of developing a brand. – expenditure

(Kieso, 02/201

one particular, p. 698)

E12-4 (Intangible Amortization) Presented below is usually selected information for Palmiero Company. 1 ) Palmiero acquired a patent from Vania Co. for $1, five-hundred, 000 upon January 1, 2010. The patent will be amortized over its outstanding legal existence of a decade, expiring upon January you, 2020. During 2012, Palmiero determined that the economic benefits associated with the obvious would not outlast 6 years from the date of acquisition. What amount must be reported inside the balance sheet intended for the patent, net of accumulated demise, at January 31, 2012? 2010

Patents1, 500, 000

Cash1, 500, 1000


Amortization Charge 250, 500

Accumulated Patent Retirement 250, 500

2 . Palmiero bought a operation from Dougherty Co. in January 1, 2011, pertaining to $350, 500. The carrying amount from the franchise about Dougherty’s ebooks on January 1, 2011, was $250, 000. The franchise arrangement had an estimated useful existence of 30 years. Because Palmiero must enter in a competitive bidding at the conclusion of 2020, it is improbable that the franchise will be maintained beyond 2020. What sum should be amortized for the entire year ended January 31, 2012?

1, 350, 000/6 sama dengan 225, 500 for Dec 2012

Purchase$350, 000

Book worth $500, 500.

3. About January 1, 2010, Palmiero incurred firm costs of $275, 500. What amount of organization expense should be reported this year? a. Expenditure startup costs as incurred

4. Palmiero purchased the license pertaining to distribution of a popular client product in January 1, 2012, to get $150, 1000. It is expected that this merchandise will create cash goes for an imprecise period of time. The license has a initial term of 5 years nevertheless by having to pay a nominal fee, Palmiero can restore the certificate indefinitely to get successive 5-year terms. What amount should be amortized intended for the year ended December 23, 2012? a. zero


Answer the questions asked about each of the truthful situations. E12-5 (Correct Intangible Asset Account) As the recently designated auditor for Hillary Company, you have recently been asked to measure selected accounts before the six-month financial statements of June 30, 2012, are prepared. The controller intended for Hillary Corporation mentions that only one consideration is kept for intangible assets.

Intangible Assets

AssetsLiabilties and Stockholders collateral

4-JanResearch and creation cost940, 500

5-Janlegal costs to have patent75, 00011-FebPrem on common stock250, 1000 31-Janpayment of 7mt lease on real estate leased by simply hillary91, 00031-MarUnamortized bond price cut on you possess due march 31, 203284, 000 30-Aprpromtional expenses linked to startup of business207, 000 30-Junoperatiing deficits for initially 6mth 141, 000


Prepare the entry or entries essential to correct this kind of account. Assume that the obvious has a useful life of 12 years. E12-12 (Accounting to get Goodwill) Fred Graf, owner of Graf Interiors, is negotiating pertaining to the purchase of Terrell Galleries. The balance piece of Terrell is given within an abbreviated contact form below. Put together the entry to record the acquiring Terrell Galleries and museums on Graf’s books.

E12-16 (Accounting pertaining to R&D Costs) Margaret Avery Company every now and then embarks on a research program when a exceptional project appears to offer possibilities. In 2011, the company expends $325, 500 on a study, but right at the end of 2011 it is extremely hard to determine if any gain will be derived from it. Instructions

(a)What bank account should be recharged for the $325, 500, and how should it be shown inside the financial statements? a. Take as products on hand and set aside as consumed

(b)The task is completed this year, and an effective patent is usually obtained. The R&D costs to full the task are $130, 000. The administrative and legal expenditures incurred in obtaining obvious number 472-1001-84 in 2012 total $24, 1000. The patent has an expected useful life of your five years. Record these costs in log entry kind. Also, record patent amount (full year) in 2012

R and d

Project130, 000

Expense130, 500

Administrative and legal bills

Patent 472-1001-8424, 000

Cash24, 000

Get worse Amortization Charge

12 months 201224, 000

Predicted Amortization Expense

Season 201319, 2 hundred

Year 201414, 500

12 months 20159, six-hundred

Season 20164, 800

(c)In 2013, the company successfully defends the patent in extended a lawsuit at a cost of $47, 200, thereby extending the patent existence to December 31, 2020. What is the optimal way to account for this kind of cost? Likewise, record obvious amortization (full year) in 2013.

Mixture Amortization Expense

Year 201347, two hundred

(d)Additional executive and consulting costs received in 2013 required to progress the design of a product or service to the developing stage total $60, 500. These costs enhance the design of the product substantially. Discuss the proper accounting treatment for this price. Engineering cost used to advance the design happen to be expensed immediately as creation cost in R&D.

Reference point

Kieso, D. E. (02/2011). More advanced Accounting, 14th Edition [VitalSource Bookshelf version]. Retrieved from The quotation provided can be described as guideline. Make sure you check each citation intended for accuracy just before use.

E13-1 (Balance Piece Classification of Various Liabilities) Just how would all the following products be reported on the “balance sheet”? (a)Accrued holiday pay.

(b)Estimated income taxes payable.

(c)Service guarantees on machine sales.

(d)Bank overdraft.

(e)Personal injury claim pending.

(f)Unpaid added bonus to officers.

(g)Deposit received by customer to ensure performance of the contract. (h)Sales taxes payable.

(i)Gift certificates sold to customers although not yet redeemed. (j)Premium gives outstanding.

(k)Discount about notes payable.

(l)Employee payroll reductions unremitted.

(m)Current maturities of long term debts to be paid by current resources. (n)Cash dividends declared but unpaid.

(o)Dividends in arrears in preferred share.

(p)Loans from officers.

E13-2 (Accounts and Paperwork Payable) Listed below are selected 2012 transactions of Darby Company. Sept. 1

Bought inventory via Orion Company on be the cause of $50, 500. Darby records

acquisitions gross and uses a routine inventory program. Oct. 1

Released a 50 dollars, 000, 12-month, 8% notice to Orion in repayment of bank account. Oct. you

Took out $75, 1000 from the Coast Bank by simply signing a 12-month, zero-interest-bearing $81, 1000 note.


(a)Prepare journal articles for the selected transactions above. (b)Prepare altering entries by December thirty-one.

(c)Compute the total net liability being reported for the December 23 balance sheet intended for: (1)The interest-bearing note.

(2)The zero-interest-bearing note.

E13-3 (Refinancing of Short-Term Debt) On Dec 31, 2012, Alexander Organization had $1, 200, 1000 of short-term debt by means of notes payable due Feb 2, 2013. On January 21, 2013, the company issued 25, 500 shares of its prevalent stock to get $36 every share, receiving $900, 1000 proceeds after brokerage charges and other costs of issuance. On March 2, 2013, the arises from the share sale, supplemented by an additional $300, 500 cash, are used to liquidate the $1, 200, 000 personal debt. The December 31, 2012, balance sheet can be issued in February twenty three, 2013.


Show the way the $1, 200, 000 of short-term debt should be presented on the 12 , 31, 2012, balance sheet, which includes note disclosure.

E13-8 (Payroll Tax Entries) The payroll of Delaney Company pertaining to September 2012 is as uses. Total payroll was $480, 000, that $140, 000 is not affected by Social Security tax because it represented sums paid around $106, 800 to certain employees. The total amount paid to employees above $7, 1000 was $410, 000. Income taxes in the sum of $80, 000 had been withheld, because was $9, 000 in union fees. The state unemployment tax can be 3. five per cent, but Delaney Company can be allowed a credit of 2. 3% by the state for its unemployment knowledge. Also, imagine the current FICA tax can be 7. 65% on an employee’s wages to $106, 800 and 1 . 45% more than $106, 800. No employee for Delaney makes much more than $125, 500. The government unemployment tax rate is usually 0. 8% after express credit.


Prepare the essential journal articles if the income and incomes paid plus the employer payroll taxes happen to be recorded individually.

E13-13 (Contingencies) Presented below are three independent situations.

Answer the question at the end of every situation. 1 . During 2012, Maverick Inc. became involved with a duty dispute while using IRS. Maverick’s attorneys have indicated that they believe it is likely that Maverick will lose this dispute. Additionally, they believe that Maverick will have to shell out the IRS between $800, 000 and $1, four hundred, 000. After the 2012 financial statements had been issued, the situation was settled with the IRS for $1, 200, 1000. What volume, if virtually any, should be reported as a legal responsibility for this backup as of December 31, 2012? 2 . In October one particular, 2012, Holmgren Chemical was identified as a potentially responsible party by Environmental Protection Agency. Holmgren’s management along with its advice have figured it is likely that Holmgren will be accountable for damages, and a reasonable estimate of these injuries is $6, 000, 500.

Holmgren’s insurance policies of $9, 000, 1000 has a insurance deductible clause of $500, 1000. How ought to Holmgren Chemical report these details in its monetary statements by December 31, 2012? three or more. Shinobi Incorporation. had a manufacturer in Darfur, which was ruined in the detrimental war. Not necessarily certain that will compensate Shinobi for this break down, but Shinobi has been guaranteed by government officials it can easily receive a definite amount for this plant. How much the settlement will be less than the fair value in the plant but more than the book value. How should the contingency always be reported inside the financial assertions of Shinobi Inc.?


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