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The task I will be carrying out will be with regards to a recent meal experience I had formed in an establishment. I recently chose a meal in a local brasserie situated in my personal town I will be discussing the intangible and tangible factors that influenced my meal experience.

Reason for decision

The reason I selected to carry out my personal assignment within this particular meals experience is really because it is the latest meal I have already been out for within a long time and i also heard from several sources the restaurant was a great place to consume and completely got superb reviews on trip advisor so I decided to give it a try.

Also it is the only restaurant I have in fact been out for a meal in during the last 2 yrs.


We planned to go for meals one Thursday night with my other half, so I rang the cafe to book a stand for two. A new woman responded the phone agreeably and asked if the girl could help me.

I then asked her if I may book a table for 2 at 7: 30pm. Your woman then replied politely declaring “you can easily of course. The table will probably be ready for you at several: 30, is there anything else I can help you with? ” I taken care of immediately her issue saying “no that is perfect thank you very much. ” I found over on the phone very polite and she helped me feel very relaxed and comfortable on the phone. So I can the booking was a success The restaurant is known as a casual eating restaurant therefore we didn’t have to wear anything particular or even publication a table but Used to do anyway simply to be secure.


The restaurant can be found on Portlaoise Main Avenue, at the top of an off licence. A bad to the introduction is that there is absolutely no parking with the restaurant. There were to recreation area the car in a completely distinct place to where the restaurant is usually. My other half was putting on heels and that we had to walk a good a split mile from your car park. Nevertheless , we did not mind the walk too much however it is a bit much to have to walk that range. When we reached the restaurant we had to climb a lot of stairs on the way to the restaurant which is the only way up. The business is certainly not suitable for disabled people in terms of coming into and getting out. We reached the reception finally. It absolutely was there we had our first look at the place.

My first impression it turned out small but had a good feng shui. The restaurant wasn’t total but there have been a few people there just the way I like that. The girl welcomed us and welcomed all of us. We thanked her and told her there were a booking for 7: 30 and gave her our brands. She after that showed us to the table. We sat down and analyzed the stand and chair to see if it had been wobbly however it wasn’t that has been great because I cannot indicate a shaky table once having a meal. The woman who was a man as well asked us whenever we wanted everything to drink. I asked for normal water, which was taken to me quite fast that i was satisfied with. The Food selection were currently on the table because it is a casual dining restaurant. The waitress following bringing the normal water left us for a few moments while all of us decided what things to eat.

Initial Course

My partner and I looked through the menu which was quite exact and had a great variety mainly because it ranged from convenience food like burgers, steaks and chips to vintage Italian food like dinero caribonara and lasagne and in many cases Asian dishes like stir-fry and springtime rolls. I was quite satisfied with the selection and type of food that was available which in turn left all of us spoiled intended for choice. The menu was A la reproduction so we could order even as we went. At some point my partner and I decided on our dishes. She acquired the filo prawns and i also got the mixed greens. The waitress came back and we gave her the buy. 5 minutes later on she announced both dishes. The speed from the service was great since I was quite hungry.

As soon as the dishes arrived presented accordingly, nothing exceptional, on their dishes I felt my salad and found zero faults with it. that they served that with their residence dressing that we enjoyed. My own other half enjoyed her prawns. I tasted one along with tasting it I could notify that it was a thing out of the box that was freezing so I failed to enjoy the filo prawn therefore i left half of it. Through the first course the waitress came to ensure that everything was fine and asked if we wished anything else, hence the service was good.

The Main Meal.

We finished each of our first training course which was a success. So we all moved on to our main course of the evening. After the waitress removed our plates she provided us roughly 5 minutes between your meals ahead of she presented the main training course.  I found that amount of time to be too little because my own salad we hadn’t yet gone down. My partner only experienced two prawns so the lady was quite happy with time taken. There were ordered the “ultimate thrive on burger, ” which was an enormous burger manufactured from two 8oz patties, an onion engagement ring on each patty, bacon and melted parmesan cheese and then piled on top of one another and shown on a black slate. Display was superb. I thought that this would be a big burger thus my partner and I made a decision to share. If the burger arrived it was approach bigger than my expectations. in the end two of us didn’t want to even finished it The burger nevertheless tasted superb and we carefully enjoyed it.


I was so stuffed from the 1st two meals that we referred to as it per night and requested the bill. We’re able to not belly anymore meals.

Close of meal.

We all come finally to the end of our “experience”, and what an experience it is often. Everything until now has surpass what I was expecting- the bedroom, the staff, the food, we enjoyed it a lot. From the touchable elements just like Food and drink, Selection of menu readily available, Level of service, Value for money, Interior planning, Atmosphere and mood, Requirement and identification and the staff. The waitress came to crystal clear our dishes and we called for the bill. All of us paid this, thanked the staff and went on our approach. The only flaws I can identify with the night was the speed at which the food was released. It was a bit too fast Likewise the walk through the car was a bit much so that can be described as negative and can be a big issue in the future.

Expression in recollection

A meal, such as a good account, should have a good beginning, a middle and end, and it did for me and my spouse. We appreciated the experience. Merely being able to also talk since loud even as want, use anything at all and the atmosphere that everyone ingesting and operating there created was superb. It was my personal first time within a brasserie and it won’t become my previous


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