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Inside the controversial book, “The Photo of Dorian Gray, ” the only released novel written by Oscar Schwule, the protagonist Dorian Dreary begins to take pleasure in the idea of hedonism from fellow friend Lord Henry. Dorian adores his beauty a great deal that this individual wishes the painting Tulsi Hallward is definitely painting of him to grow old in his place.

As being a matter an undeniable fact, the family portrait does age with every desprovisto Dorian does, and Dorian’s outward appearance remains unchanged. The portrait is reflecting dirty actions done by Dorian, acting as being a type of ‘mirror. ‘ Mirrors play a big role throughout the novel, because they help build the concept of the hedonism and signify just how art is in the eye of the beholder. When Oscar Schwanzgeile published this kind of novel, he faced many criticisms of homoerotic tones in the novel. Facing these kinds of adversity, he added the preface to deal with the criticism and assert the reputation of the novel.

The preface states that “it may be the spectator, but not life, that art seriously mirrors. ” (3) Basically, art is in the eye in the beholder, which reflects the actual spectator sees as to the effective of the sense they receive which in turn reflects one’s persona. Art is reflected by the one browsing the art, and their meaning of it magnifying mirrors what they imagine the skill is supposed to symbolize. A spectator such as Dorian Gray discovering the meaning of his family portrait is an example of this.

On page 78, following rejecting his love Sibyl Vane as a result of poor acting, Dorian views the art work of himself. He notices the painting is relatively different than ahead of as it right now bears a subtle smear “The jerkiness, ardent sun rays showed him the lines of cruelty round the oral cavity as clearly as if he previously been researching a mirror following he had completed some cheap and nasty thing. ” (78) His wish comes true, while the portrait will age with each sin Dorian commits, although his outward appearance of an fantastic looking young man stays intact. The portrait functions as mirror because it reflects the spectator’s (Dorian’s) sins, and in addition expresses the wickedness of his soul.

On the contrary, a real mirror just reflects back what is facing it, and nothing more. By using the face and looking glass, these items aid in the character development of Dorian Gray. A reader is able to see how Dorian views him self when he encounters a mirror: “and stand, using a mirror, ahead of the portrait that Basil Hallward [has] colored of him, looking at this point at the bad and ageing face on the canvas, and after this at the fair young face that chuckled back by him from your polished a glass. ” (109) The mirror aids Dorian to recognize that he is still a good looking looking child, while the face portrays the evil actions that Dorian commits.

The theme of hedonism arises also, which is in which pleasure is definitely the utmost essential goal in life, and Dorian seeks this kind of pleasure via his appearance and can accomplish this by looking for a mirror. Hedonism is a key theme in the novel, and mirrors aid to establish and keep this topic throughout the publication. Character advancement is also identified through the use of mirrors, as well as just how art with the eye from the beholder which is described inside the preface.

The art with the eye of the beholder term is interesting, as Oscar Wilde’s book is debatable facing large criticisms, just like people worried about homosexuality, through the publishing of his book. The expression within the preface concerning showcases helps reveal the controversy associated with the book. Mirrors indicate us, yet as described in this book they can echo our interior self. Functions Cited Schwanzgeile, Oscar. The style of Dorian Gray.

Nyc: Oxford University Press. 98.

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