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A great parent as well as child marriage, in my opinion, needs good interaction levels (ie. they tune in to each other), trust, disipline, respect and naturally love. These types of novels portray very various types of parent as well as child interactions. For example , in I’m the king of the castle, not parent / child romantic relationship, in general, is specially good. The first face of a parent or guardian / kid relationship is the one among Mr Hooper and his son Edmund (Hooper).

The conversation that they have with one another is not typical of the father and son. The complete text seems very informal and cool, almost as though they were unknown people. This is noticeable for instance when Mr Hooper says things like; “Edmund, you will not be difficult, please, I have a quite a bit to do, I am unable to waste time in foolish arguments”.

This is the sort of formal and precise lauguage that you might anticipate he may work with talking to a small business partner not really his own son. Apparently Mr Hooper, even though he has had a son intended for 11 years, is not very used to being around children. I think it is because Hooper is definitely sent to a boarding school from a really young age but not had quite definitely contact with his father. Comparing this kind of relationship with the marriage between Silas and Eppie in Silas Marner, it is extremely interesting to see the differences. Before Eppie even arrives available, the reader gets a very obvious image of Silas in their head.

He may seem like a cold, distant, anti – social persona, maybe not capable of loving whatever (apart from your gold) or perhaps anyone. As soon as he lays eyes on baby Eppie, we see a whole different Silas. He starts to care about an individual and we see the remarkably close relationship among himself and Eppie.

This individual feels safety over her and are not able to bear to determine her in different discomfort. As at this stage Eppie is unable to speak, it is hard to directly assess the two relationships but I am able to clearly see the differences. My spouse and i said previous that a good parent / child romance consists of very good communication. Mrs Kingshaw and Charles (Kingshaw) probably have worst connection in the whole story.

Throughout the publication, Mrs Kingshaw is frequently portrayed as being a ‘bad’ father or mother because the lady (unknowingly to herself) continually ignore the bad bullying that is being completed by Hooper. Even if her very own son is definitely crying out to get help, the girl tells him to ‘stop being therefore silly’. She strongly contradicts herself by asking Kingshaw if this individual has virtually any problems which she if perhaps always in charge of him. If he does finally decide to share his emotions, she right away tells him that he’s wrong.

This, again, is a strong comparison to the marriage between Silas and Eppie in Silas Marner. Silas and Eppie have a detailed bond because the beginning and thus have good communication levels way past the Hoopers and the Kingshaws. This is obvious when the text message descibes them both having conversations with each other (when Eppie is older) about every facets of life – however tiny or unimportant. When Eppie starts to consider marriage with Aaron, she discusses this with Silas first, as though to receive his agreement.

This is a fine example of good communication in a parent / child romantic relationship. Mr Hooper and Hooper obviously you don’t have very clear stations of communication whereas Silas and Eppie know everything about the other person and tell each other everything. I as well said that a good p/c romance needs to have trust and disipline.

Mr Hooper does not seem to even understand his personal son because evident?nternet site read further into the publication, so I question if this individual trusts him very much. That stuff seriously neither Mister Hooper or perhaps Mrs Kingshaw know how to disipline children properly both of them discover their children in another way to the visitor. I think that if Mr Hooper was confronted with the truth that his son was obviously a bully, he would dismiss it and say that no kid of his could perform such a specific thing. I think he is blind to the fact that Hooper is usually causing Kingshaw so much misery and anguish.

Mrs Kingshaw is also sightless to the fact that Hooper could be a bully. She does not even believe that her personal son when he tells her about Hooper which tells the reader that Mrs Kingshaw is either really stupid or perhaps refusing to think Kingshaw, just for her own reassurance. Because of this Hooper can be left entirely undisiplined and more sure that they can get away with bullying Kingshaw. Hooper seems to be trusted by simply his father but wrongly of course. Mrs Kingshaw most definitely does not trust Kingshaw since she will not believe anything he says associated with Hooper.

This can be evident when ever she says things such as; “Oh, which is a wicked, wicked way to, whatever shall you be thinking about? What ever can poor Edmund did to you? ” This is a vintage line coming from Mrs Kingshaw, telling the reader that she actually is definitely upon Hooper’s ‘side’. I think that she is about Hoopers ‘side’ rather than her own son’s because the girl with becoming incredibly fond of Mr Hooper.

I do believe she could be be very desparate to hold onto her new your life in this fresh house and with her new person and is happy to block out any kind of potential problems that may take aside her fresh life. Which means that she is certainly not prepared to be in anyway bad or accusing towards Mister Hoopers kid and believes it is easier to just disbelieve her individual son and pretend it is not going on. Silas Marner, on the other hand, also faces difficulties disiplining Eppie but for several reasons.

One particular being that this individual cannot bear to see Eppie in any discomfort, discomfort or slight upset in anyways. Even when Eppie does something wrong, like thinking out of the house simply by herself, Silas cannot discipline her when he loves her too much to hurt her. As it happens Eppie grows up to be a nice, polite and unspoilt youthful woman, yet sometimes children may begin to take advantage of the fact that they never obtain told off. Silas is usually very concerned when Eppie is in any discomfort and tries his hardest for making her feel happy again. He would not stop to think regarding himself in any way when he is looking after Eppie, unlike Mister Hooper and Mrs Kingshaw who continually just think of themselves and their new relationship together.

Another vital aspect of very good parenting is having respect for each and every other. Mrs Kingshaw shows a great lack of respect for her son since she under no circumstances seems to have his pleas for help seriously. Your woman still seemingly treats him like a tiny child despite the fact that he is facing a somewhat ‘older – child’ problem. That stuff seriously she sometimes mocks Kingshaw, unknowingly. For example when the girl with having what she feels is a center – to – center conversation with her child, she tries to encourage Kingshaw to tell her his worries by expressing; “You would tell Mummy, wouldn’t you?

It is likely such a tiny thing bothering you, we’re able to clear it up at once, and everything will be quite okay again. ” This is the very first time Mrs Kingshaw asks Kingshaw if this individual actually has a problem but she continue to uses the most patronising conditions such as ‘mummy’ and ‘everything would be quite alright again’ as if Kingshaw was a baby. I think her use of dialect puts him off sharing with her anything completely as he fears that yet again, she is going to not take him seriously. Later on in the chat when he expreses his feelings of hate towards Hooper, Mrs Kingshaw immediately demonstrates him correct and cell phone calls him incredible and refers to Hooper since; ‘Poor Edmund’.

I think that as a result of Mrs Kingshaw’s lack of respect intended for Kingshaw, Kingshaw has a lack of respect to get his mom. Mr Hooper and Hooper also manage to have no value for each additional. I think that Mr Hooper only seriously cares about the accademic area to Hooper and how well he truly does at university. I think that he considers that it is a ‘mother’s job’ to look after the mental side of things.

Immediately Mr Hooper shows too little of acknowledgment to get his boy and this individual blames this on the premature death of Hooper’s mother and that it is no fault of his own. I think that as long as Mister Hooper fails to recognise the evilness of his very own son after that he cannot possibly have any value for him. Silas and Eppie have got mountainous levels of respect for each other. This is evident in scenes including when Godfrey and Nancy come for their cottage and try to claim Eppie.

When Eppie herself is usually forced do decide weather she should go and live with her wealthy, top – category birth daddy or Silas, Silas will nothing to wait in her method; ” Eppie, my kid, speak. I wont wait in your way. Thank Mr and Mrs Cass”.

Silas obviously wants Eppie to stay with him, nevertheless he respects her so much and concentration her a whole lot that he knows she will do what she believes is right to get herself. Eppie in the end nicely refuses Godfrey and Nancy’s offer and stays loyally by Silas’ side because she truly does throughout the entire scene (another example of their closeness). While Eppie grows older, the lady remains devoted to her ‘father’ and Silas stays precisely the same towards Eppie. Their relationship is one to admire since they the two understand each other totally and not fail to continue to keep each other completely happy. I think which the last and a lot important aspect of any successful mother or father / kid relationship is love.

Take pleasure in is vital in just about any relationship but in a parent/child relationship most commonly it is taken for granted by the child. Many people may state, that looking at Mrs Kingshaw and Mister Hoopers behavior that they are poor parents and therefore do not like their children. I do think that all of the parents in the two novels love their children quite definitely but in I’m the full of the fortress the love is usually hidden by lack of knowning that they both have from their children. The simple fact is that Mrs Kingshaw and Mr Hooper do not know tips on how to be good father and mother.

If these people were showed just how then I believe that they would be much more thoughtful towards their own children. Silas and Eppie, although not biologically related, are much more aware of their shared love for every other and so all the other aspects of a good romantic relationship fall into place (ie. good communication, trust, disipline and respect). I do believe that the purpose Mr Hooper and Mrs Kingshaw possess such bad relationships with the children and Silas Marner has such a good one has nothing to do with the circumstances that every of the households are in.

In fact it seems to confront what could usually always be presumed. There are very different settings in which these books take place. In ‘I’m the california king of the castle’ the story is defined in countryside England in the 20th 100 years and in ‘Silas Marner’ the storyplot is set inside the early nineteenth century.

Some people could declare in the nineteenth century it absolutely was a very remote world in comparison to the mass conversation levels we certainly have today. For instance, they had zero telephones or any type of electricity at all so found it harder to communicate with people than we carry out today. In Silas Marner’s time, conversation, other than face-to-face, was extremely difficult in the event that not impossible, so generally people were known not to understand people away from their own community or community.

Children weren’t sent apart to boarding school unlike in I’m the ruler of the castle where both equally children visited boarding institution and therefore saw less with their parents. As for Silas, Eppie had by no means even been away from home ever and he had witnessed every thing in her life contrary to Mr Hooper and Mrs Kingshaw whom didn’t appear to even know their own kids. The portions of a good parent / child relationship have probably not changed over the past a hundred and fifty years. Interaction, trust, respect, disipline and love were and still are essential but society’s view on the family has evolved dramatically.

In Silas Marner’s time, getting married to someone of a different interpersonal class was unheard of, nevermind having kids with all of them. I think this made even more families in this time more identified to have a completely happy family and stay together. Eppie is lifted in the hardest and difficult circumstances but it turns out that Kingshaw and Hooper would be the unhappy ones and not Eppie.

I think that this totally shows that it does not matter if you are rich/poor, upper class/lower class with regards to having a effective family and that it all comes down to the amount of appreciate that you have for your family.

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