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A man, the towering personality inside the history of India, a man who will be regarded as Patriotic saint, that has earned the name and fame not only in India although also upon other part of ocean, a man who also created a cyclonic forces among Indian youth to revive the actual spirit of Vedanta in the mother property, a man who visualized the freedom of India far before, A man who have assured the potential for global leader of India 100 years before, the list of such expression is non stop to describe the legacy of this great person.

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Even time I feel “language cannot withstand the fat of words and feelings behind it to spell out the legacy of this gentleman. This man was very best and the holiest saints that our motherland provides ever begot. He is probably none other than the majestic Swami Vivekananda

” a name that unfolds invincible positive thoughts, abounding energy and power of attentiveness ” a name thatepitomises the youngsters of Bharat.

This is simply not the picture of my mind, yet a a lot of Indian and World’s children have same feelings with this man. The youth of Bharat is under great influence of technology and western life style, the science and technology has changed the moral of world and junior of Bharat to degree. The picture of today’s junior with ear plugged with phones, sight covered with dark cup, body sure in securely skinned outfits and head jammed with idea of materialistic life is a common all over nation.

But when this sort of so deemed westernized and technology powered youth sees the picture or perhaps photo or stature of Vivekananda for a while, His bass speaker conscious thoughts starts contemplating Bharat as well as its glorious background. His brain starts sparking the thoughts of nationalism. His hands and toes stop before the Swamiji and then for a while his heads bows down to your toes of great patriotic saint. Why westernization struggles to

Remove or perhaps wipe away the love intended for Vivekananda by young hearts of India. Which are these types of thoughts? Precisely what is there during these thoughts? What is the element of attraction in these thoughts? How come even after 150 years of his beginning, still, every his performs and word seems to be since fresh as the leaves of ever growing plants. The answer then is that the permanent magnetic force of his glowing thoughts nonetheless provides the strength to young life of Bharat.

The confused and aimless youngsters of India needsleaders that have future within their bones. They want their best prophet with true realistic look. Theywants innovator who has timeless guiding lumination and life torch to fight vagary of time and future. Beneath such circumstances. Vivekanandamessage exhorts the small to “arise and “awake Swami vivekanand said that

“Give me hundread young persons, and i will alter the country¦ this represents the hope he had on the youth. and why not today?? we are a country with more than 500 million persons from the age group 15 years to 40 years, having the highest talent which can survive in all the situations, that’s why i can say¦only youth can make india a superpower. And, Only youth has the power to deliver and nourish the childhood, and to protect the elderhood. Only the junior is there who also fear no boundaries, who may be above all the limitations..

So. finally I would like to summarize my presentation withinthe way of a short meaning. Vivekananda once said that in the event that there comes each day inb yyyyyyour life with out obstacles then we must ensure that we are within a wrong route. A glourious day does not have value without the view of any starry night. So , today’s youth May break up in the first sight of the obstructions or difficulties of existence.. rather uphold your courage your stength and push your way through the obstacles of life into a newer and better associated with success. Area prayer of swamiji take flight into the nirvana of freedom. My father allow my nation awake turn into a non stop chorus on every inddian lips.


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