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Corey, G. (1999). Theory and practice of group counseling. (3rd ed. ).

Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing.

This kind of text was written intended for graduate or perhaps undergraduate college students in any discipline involving individual services nevertheless is especially suited to students signed up for any course of Theory and Practice of Group Therapies, practitioners who have are involved in group work, and students who also are interested in leading various types of groups.

This text reveals an overview of numerous theoretical types and explains how they connect with group counseling. The text traces the basic components of group method, deals with moral and professional issues particular to group work and presents a review of the important concepts and techniques of ten assumptive models of group counseling. The written text also attempts an integration of the ten theoretical models and stresses the practical application of the methods with a concentrate on helping you develop his/her own activity of various aspects of the types.

Part My spouse and i, Basic Aspects of Group Procedure: An Overview is usually comprised of chapters 1-5.

This section is obviously an overview from the various types of groups and discusses several general principles that can be used in dealing with culturally diverse groups. Component I also covers some fundamental group management issues, ethical issues in group work, and the levels in the advancement of a group, from development to termination and followup.

Part two, Theoretical Methods to Group Therapies examines twelve theoretical approaches dealing with theory and practice of group work. The 10 chapters are the following: The Psychoanalytic Approach to Organizations, Adlerian Group Counseling, Psychodrama, The Existential Approach to Teams, The Person Centered Approach to Organizations, Gestalt Therapy in Organizations, Transactional Analysis, Behavioral Group Remedy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy in Organizations, and finally Truth Therapy in Groups. The aforementioned chapters stick to an organizational pattern, this organization makes comparing the 10 assumptive approaches less difficult for the reader.

Each part introduces the rationale for the theoretical strategy and its exceptional characteristics, covers the models key concepts and their implications for group process, talks about the approachs basic techniques and methods, defines the role and performance of the group leader, and when appropriate describes the stages of development of that one group process.

Finally near the end of each in the 10 assumptive chapters is an evaluation section. This section is definitely devoted to Coreys personal examination of the way.

Part several, Integration and Application contains chapters 16 and 18. Chapter sixteen entitled Comparisons, Contrasts, and Integration examines and clashes the various group approaches with respect of the goals of the group counseling, the role and performance of the group head, the degree of structuring and trademark responsibility in groups, the utilization of techniques, plus the contributions from the various techniques. Finally the chapter concludes with a description of an integrative eclectic type of group counselling in which Corey integrates considering, feeling, and doing points of views with varying emphases each and every stage of a organizations development.

Chapter 17, The Evolution of your Group: A great Integrative Perspective is the last chapter from this text.

This final chapter includes Coreys edition of an integrative approach in working with selected typical styles that may arise in teams. The part is based on the two hour pupil video Progression of a Group. The topics in this part are based on central themes for each of the stages of a group which are shown in the online video..

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