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Chinua Achebe, Assisted Suicide, Technical Planning, Year-round School

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Excerpt from Dissertation:

Smith hates the Igbo faith a great deal that this individual equates that to the Baal and the followers of Baal in the Biblical Old Legs. He provides strict coverage over change to Christianity such that any elder to decides to get transformed into Christian beliefs must instantly abandon the regular ways and follow Christianity only. His cruelty and strictness to the abandoning of most Igbo classic ways is seen when he suspends a woman in the church for having fulfilled the traditional ways of coping with dead Ogbanje child who to have several rituals carried out in order to avoid another Ogbanje via being born.

From the contributions and figure traits from the two preachers, it is viewed that Mister. Brown constitutes a better preacher and affects more persons into Christianity without much violence than Reverend Smith really does, hence producing Mr. Brown a more effective preacher below.

Who makes a better town Elder, Okonkwo or Obierika

Okonkwo is otherwise engaged to cut a distinct segment for himself despite the background this this individual does by self-determination in the society and even beating Amalinze the cat in struggling duel. He can later trusted with the protection of a young boy, Ikemefuna, who was given to their community as a ransom for Ikemefuna’s father having killed an individual from Okonkwo’s village. He can seen to acquire made a name to get himself in the village. However , most of his acts happen to be driven by simply fear of looking like his daddy and becoming considered a failure. This makes him to overdo it things and in most situations suffering the results alone. This individual deals with individuals with too much sternness and stiffness for anxiety about looking psychological and gentle like his father. This is noticed in the instance where he is definitely expelled through the village and much more significantly on the close of the novel Okonkwo kills a messenger and realizing that he’s all on his own, he does suicide.

On the other hand, Obierika looked like there was more forewarned and gentle in his way of issues, actually those of the spiritual connaissance. For instance if the spirits made the decision that the young man Ikemefuna was to be slain so as to froid for the father’s getting rid of Umuofia villager, Obierika warns Okonkwo against participating in the ritual eradicating of the youngster since the young man called him father and he had tied to the young man long enough. Possibly after Okonkwo defied him and proceeded to go ahead to kill the boy himself, bierika comes back to ease and comfort him about the fatality of the young man showing the tolerant and emotional area of Obierika as an elder.

Obierika is seen to be more reasonable and realizes that times are fast changing and there is do not need meet the changes with violence and settle at the colonizers who had penetrated Umuofia and other surrounding villages. Obierika is observed to have perception in the Igbo ways of lifestyle but queries the backwards practices, a total contrast to Okonkwo whom fully features the Igbo ways without the questioning. Both of these characters are directly the opposite of each various other and their lives are different over the novel, yet , their a friendly relationship doesn’t pass away at any provided point. Obierika assists inside the selling of Okonkwo’s yams when he is prison and indeed even when Okonkwo commits committing suicide at last, Obierika exclaims that Okonkwo may be the strongest man that the small town has ever endured. Generally, these types of above mentioned characteristics and attributes made Obierika a more powerful village elder that is remaining after the death of Okonkwo to continue leading the village through the adjustments.


Achebe Chinua, (1958). Things Fall Apart. New York: Initial Anchor Ebooks

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