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The Encarta book also uses “force” through this context: “To create some thing, such as a method through some thing, using physical strength yet another kind of electrical power. ” In Courtney’s case, his power was smooth deception. His polite mannerisms, his seeming grace, his expensive clothes, his high-toned office and expensive homes and kindness to the church – each one of these things developed very believable deception, that can be seen as “another kind of power. “

Who had been impacted by Courtney’s actions? Some of the patients included Jane Ann Rhodes, Delia Chelston, among 5, 200 others. His actions also influenced about four hundred doctors, who sent individual to Courtney with medications for cancer-fighting medications. All of the patients that were buying cancer-fighting drugs from him were greatly impacted by his actions, together with the families of the patients this individual fooled. The families had been surely hoping that these costly drugs will cure or at least help in some meaningful method the loved ones with tumor. The job of chemist was likewise impacted; every time a pharmacist is found guilty of a great enormously profitable scam against patients, the publicity casts a darkness on the occupation. The cathedral he joined was likewise impacted, in a number of ways (financially and by the negative association with Courtney when the advertising hit the newspapers and TV news programs).

Were there any lawsuits filed due to his actions? There were approximately 300 to 200 (tort) suits submitted against Courtney, and in a particular instance a jury honored Georgia Hayes a view of about $2. 2 billion.

Discuss the Doctrine of Respondeat Superior. Does it apply here? So why or really want to? The Règle of Respondeat Superior holds that by way of example of the driver of a UPS truck is located guilty of hit-and-run, that new driver and UPS are both accountable for the criminal offenses. In the case of Courtney, Respondeat Excellent would not appear to apply. Having been his own boss, he was the sole operator of his company, Analysis Medical Structure Pharmacy. Certainly the medication companies that manufactured the medicines this individual diluted cannot be accountable underneath Respondeat Outstanding.


Tort law regarding Robert Courtney helped his customers being compensated pertaining to the deception they were damaged by. Federal government law watched over his incarceration, but for all those whose malignancy did not get into remission (due to Courtney’s fraudulent behaviors) and in fact died, no amount of money should be able to bring them again.

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