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Queries and answers coding likewise enhances the capacity of the specialist to debrief the interview process effectively and efficiently thus the opportunity to facilitate info collection procedure (Compton, 2009).


There are many categories in the execution of interviews along the way of collecting data. This kind of interview falls under the category of individual interview. This is because of its characteristics and coding method therefore a reflection of face-to-face come across between the job interviewer and the interviewee. The job interviewer in this category focuses on the achievement of in-depth details in relation to the study questions and objectives. The researcher likewise focuses on the description in the experience of the participant with regards to the armed forces encounter hence the opportunity to understand the developments and interactions inside the military circumstance. This category of interview is essential for the enhancement of understanding of the kind of events and concepts pertaining to the research inquiries (Hamilton, 2011).


The script targets the illustration of various designs and subject matters. One of the themes in relation to the army experience may be the theme of determination. This is evident through schooling and camp experiences from the participant and other trainees in the military camps. The troops spend most of their occasions in the battlefields thus neglecting family duties in order to provide their international locations. This is a reflection of commitment, hard work, and keenness by the soldiers with the purpose of achieving all their goals and objectives. It is also essential to note on the aspect of economic crisis as one of the essential factors contributing to additional individuals becoming a member of the army in the United States. The researcher retreats into and combines quality code to demonstrate these styles effectively and efficiently regarding the research queries.


The researcher likewise integrates top quality interview memorando in illustrating or conveying the circumstance of the analysis. This memorandum is essential in highlighting the objectives and goals inside the execution with the research. This concept of the interview is also essential in connecting the reader for the transcript as a result effective inside the achievement of its goals and objectives.


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