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What we are very mindful like Usa (USA), it can basically analysis constitutional republic country made up by fifty states. Most of the country is found in the center of North America in which we find forty eight contiguous states and the point out of the capital, Washington Deb. C-, between the oceans Pacific Ocean and The Atlantic Ocean. Others two claims separates from the rest will be, the state of Alaska is in the southwest of the region, bordering about Canada inside the eastern portion and separated from Spain in the western part to get Berings strait and Hawáis state, the industry Polynesian tropical isle in the middle of the ocean Pacific Ocean, and is the sole American point out one that one does not get in America.

Also has even more territories in Caribbean’s marine and Pacific’s ocean. UNITED STATES has borders on Canada in the upper part and Mexico inside the southern component. With being unfaithful. 83 mil km , and using more than 325 million inhabitants, the nation is last bigger, as well as the third nation in populace. If we discuss the ethnic groups, we all meet with one of the most diverse and multicultural nations of the world, item of the large-scale immigration. In other part, USA is the biggest economy in the world in nominal terms plus more, is the main pressure of the capitalism in the earth with a big industry and massive agriculture. However in PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) terms UNITED STATES is the second economy on the globe behind of China.

Now we intend to talk about some history of USA, which was founded by tough luck Britain’s groupe in the Atlantic coast. After, on July 4, 1776, they released the Statement of Freedom, which announced his right to the free of charge self-determination plus the establishment of a cooperative union. The rebellious finish while using victory against British Empire in Independence Warfare, the initial colonial battle of effective independence. Inside the decade of 1860, the disputes between your agrarian south and the commercial north around the rights from the conditions and the abolition from the slavery induced the Detrimental War.

The win of the north avoided a permanent division of the and forced at the end in the legal captivity. For the decade of 1870, was USA’s overall economy the biggest in the world. The Mexican war plus the I WW confirmed the status of the country as being a military electric power. After the Second World War, it arose as the first nation with elemental weapon and a permanent person in the Security Authorities of the Un. The end with the Cold War and the grave of the Soviet Union ended to the Usa as the only international superpower. The purpose of this kind of work is know the situation in the reality of USA and the conventional paper that done in all of world and also influence they have in quite all the activities in the earth.

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