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West Virginia has one of the highest smoking rates in the nation, with about twenty seven out of 100 adults (27. 3%) who determine as cigarette smokers. This percentage includes pupils, employees, and visitors for West Virginia University. These individuals continue to openly smoke cigarettes and use additional tobacco goods, despite the fact that Western Virginia School is a”tobacco free”campus and Monongalia Region banned smoking cigarettes.

On January 9, 2012, the Monongalia County Table of Health unanimously exceeded the countywide smoking bar. West VirginiaUniversity also gone tobacco-free on July 1, 2013, shortlyafter the Student Federal government Association’s Board of Governors passed Insurance plan 57. Relating to Section 5. one particular of Plan 57, pupils and employees in infringement of this policy are be subject to expulsion or perhaps termination through the University. Tourists in infringement of this plan are be subject to removal coming from campus.

However , manystudents aremaking allegations thatthe University is usually not carrying out an adequate job of enforcing its suspend on smoking cigarettes and they are asking yourself who specifically should be enforcing this coverage.

“The issue with the adjustment for the tobacco prohibit policy would be that the University Law enforcement officials Department are unable to enforce whatever is not really state or federal law¦if West Virginia University acquired its own non-public security, observance would be feasible, “says Mike Richardson, affiliate Student Govt Association’s Plank of Governors.

In response to allegations, Primary of Police Bob Roberts says, “If we see a violation, all of us typically suggest the violator of the plan only. ” Roberts procedes say that this is not a regulation, it is a plan. Furthermore, he says that the University Police Department is not the enforcer of this plan. Roberts says, “Anyone may report violators, but it was clearly communicated when the plan was implemented that it was not only a police subject. “

“It is known as a police subject, ” says Justin Just click, member of trainees Government Relationship, “It is a police issue and a dereliction of duty intended for failure to enforce the law. UPD is in serious violation in this regard. ” Click feels that the College or university Police Department has declined to impose the ban on smoking cigarettes because “it is unenforceable and against the law. ” Also, he feels that the University or college Police Section isn’t doing its task and that we have a clear and present threat to pupils because of that.

For example , Jillian Kinder, a freshman pupil with asthma, says, “It’s just a soreness to walk by Brooks Hall many go into an asthma attack because of the smoke cigarettes ring. “She says that the tobacco bar has great intentions although obviously is not working since she still finds people smoking in all corners of campus. Kinder suggests that the University will need to give people who smoke and a place to smoke that is secluded and away from virtually any high-traffic areas. Nevertheless, she would much somewhat see the plan be more firmly enforced, however “we need to pinpoint who the enforcers are. inch

Dean of College students, G. Corey Farris, says that there are multiple enforcers with this policy, and the enforcement will depend on many different conditions. First, to get the policy to be unplaned, there must be an initial complaint. For instance , if someone sees a worker smoking outside of the Life Sciences Building, they need to make a complaint to that employee’s director. This scenario is usually an example of an employee-related violation, and that employee’s supervisor is the enforcer with this policy in this case. The enforcer of most student-related violations may be the Office of Student Execute. However , if the student lives on-campus within a residence lounge, it would be the Residence Area Coordinator’s task to put in force this plan.

“To my personal knowledge, there have been no expulsions or suspension systems solely for smoking upon campus, “says Dean of Students, G. Corey Farris. To reach the point of expulsion or termination, there will have to be “progressive discipline, inch which involves various repeated violations of the insurance plan. Dean Farris also says that there have been no recognized surveys conducted to see if the prevalence of smoking on campus features declined due to the fact that this policy was enacted, yet “it has an impact on those who have recently been cited too many times. “

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